6inch Activated Carbon Air Filter For Grow Tents

6inch Activated Carbon Air Filter For Grow Tents

6inch Activated Carbon Air Filter for Grow Tents

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Product Details

6inch Activated Carbon Air Filter For Grow Tents Products Detail

Nameactivated carbon block filter
ColorWhite Black Red Silver Etc
Material of activated carbonRC412 carbon from Australia
Frame materialStainless Steel
Size4''-14'' (100~350mm)
FunctionPurification Air
TypePre Air Filter Media
ApplicationGreenhouse/Indoor planting
FrameAluminum Frame

6inch Activated Carbon Air Filter Features:

1.Excellent design
2.Simple and effective
3.Highly effective at absorbing odors and airborne organisms with physical and chemical adsorption
4.Easily replaceable carbon filters to maintain high efficiency
5.Easy to install and operate
6.Run quietly 

6inch Activated Carbon Air Filter Advantages:

1.Light weight, more practical, safe and environmental friendly.
2.53% open air perforated stainless steel mesh for maximum air flow.
3.Instant time 0.05 seconds purify nasty odors and contaminated air.
4.Adsorb particulate faster and more effectively than other carbon.
5.Superior small holes construction and high-performance sorption.
6.High iodine adsorption value 1000,Removes 99.5% of airborne odors.
7.With the same iodine value, the effect of coconut shell active carbon is the best.
8.Zinc-anodized steel housing / mesh inner with cotton.
9.Pre filter set is included and also have other colours and make OEM to you.

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About 6inch Activated Carbon Air Filter FAQ

Q: Do Filters come with a pre-filter?

A: Yes, they include a high-quality, custom fit pre-filter.

Q: How long will my filter last?

A: Under typical conditions, with a clean pre-filter and correct CFM, a Filter will last approximately 2 years.

Q: Will temperature extremes and high humidity reduce the life expectancy of my Filter?

A: Yes - temperatures over 95° F and humidity over 75% will reduce the filter life.

Q: Can I put a higher CFM fan than what the filter list?

A: Not recommended, the max CFM is rated on the filters. If you go over this amount it will not give the passing air enough "contact time" with the carbon and the filter will not be able to do its job as effectively. Further, it will diminish the life of your filter.

Q: Can I refill my filter?

A: Yes, but not recommended. After-market carbon will most likely not be coco carbon. Your filter will not be as effective with a locally purchased replacement carbon. Also, you will not have access to the complicated, heavy-duty machines used to compress the carbon inside the filter. It will simply not work like a new Filter would.

Q: Do they come with a pre-filter and do I need to use it?

A: Yes, one is included with each new filter. Yes, you need to use the pre-filter. If you do not use it, the life of your filter will be significantly reduced.

Q: Do I need to clean my pre-filter?

A: Yes - it is recommended that they be cleaned or replaced every 6 months. They are machine washable.

Q: Is it better to hang my filter horizontally or place it on the ground?

A: Both will work fine. Do what is best based on the layout of your room. Set it up with the least possible restriction (i.e. fewest bends in ducting & shortest distance of duct).

Q: Do I push or pull air through the filter?

A: You can do either. Please consult your local indoor gardening retailer for guidance depending on your application.

Q: How do I dispose of the filter when its life is up?

A: Use the carbon in your outdoor garden soil. Take the steel and aluminum to a recycling center or metal scrap yard.

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