According to the different processes, common dust bag, with different features, for example:

- Dec 16, 2016 -

1, high temperature, such as rotary kiln exhaust gases containing dust, temperature up to 350-400, after quenching and tempering, cooling of a process;

2, high humidity, such as kiln, dryer, not only temperature fluctuations, its moisture content is above 20%;

3, high concentration and grinding mills, extrusion, high efficiency separator supporting the dust collector, whose dust-containing gas dust concentrations of up to 700-1600g/M3, it is the powder collection device and dust emission control equipment of environmental protection;

4, fire and explosion prevention, such as the emission of dust containing pulverized coal mill gas.

Anyway, has at room temperature, and also has high temperature, and high wet, and high concentration, and with burning, and burst characteristics of dust, also has temperature fluctuations range larger, as State kiln bag dust collector, both prevent paste bags, also to prevent burn bags; thus, selection dust bag filter material Shi these conditions not only of, to for different of conditions, select different of filter material, and take corresponding of technology protection measures.

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