Basic reasons which caused damage of the filter bag

- Dec 16, 2016 -

1, pulse jet cycle, the initial lack of dust layer

Studies have shown that: high filtration velocity, will make the initial dust layer break, and excessive wear caused by the impact of dust filter bag if this number too high can easily lead to blowing filter bag filter bag fabric loosely, these will make dust collector filter bags easily damaged.

In set dust collector pulse spray blow cycle Shi, to can guarantee dust collector work in stable of pressure Xia, and set of pulse spray blow cycle time most long for good, pulse cleaning time to can guarantee initial dust not off, set of time spray blow shortest for good, if initial dust layer insufficient, can used extended spray blow cycle fill taste, if using pressure poor control, can improve dust collector of import and export pressure set of stability.

2, wear

High filtration velocity, impact, abrasion dust filter bag, also damage to bags of fabric tension, solving methods: adjust the exhaust gas flow of dust, when the expected flow of larger, can increase traffic control system to ensure the filter works in stable air.

Uneven distribution of filter air intake, causing high levels of dust concentration in the exhaust gas directly impact local filter bag, easy to make the exhaust gas inlet part of the perforation of the filter bag, use period is too short, solving methods: installed at the filter inlet duct air distribution channels or regular wear and tear parts the replacement of wear-resistant filter bag the filter bag.

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