Broadcast clock considerations(1)

- Dec 16, 2016 -

1 before using, inspect the metering components for any defect seeding box is free of foreign matter and need oiling parts oiling;

2, should be well stocked up with fragile mechanical parts before spring sowing, so as not to delay planting, delaying the farming season. Seeds must be dry and clean, not mixed straw and rocks and other debris to prevent blockage of seed, affecting seed quality. When sowing, seeds should be selected carefully, otherwise it will affect the planting quality.

3, do stand-up flow tests to ensure accurate sowing;

4, the plant would be ready. Should grasp the seed at planting time, turn, work matters, sowing machine in operation to try to avoid parking, you must stop in order to prevent the "broken bar" phenomenon, seeding should be rising back some distance, then sow. When you decline planters to make tractors in the slow March.

5, when you start a job, hydraulic control handle should be placed in a floating position.

6, job safety, preventing accidents;

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