Broadcast clock machine maintenance

- Dec 16, 2016 -

(1) planter in front of the work should be available to the oiling oiling to ensure sufficient lubrication of running parts. Missing or damaged parts timely to add, replace and repair. Careful not to grease on the gears, chain, so caked with mud, increasing wear.

(2) the seed round of equal length, displacement. Sowing rate adjustment flexibility, there shall be no slipping and shift.

(3) flexible disc opener disc shall not shake, no friction with the opener.

(4) before and after every shift and work, you should clean up the various parts of the Earth, with special attention to clear of dirt, grease on the transmission system.

(5) after the end of each class fertilizer of fertilizer boxes should be cleaned to avoid corrosion fertilizers the fertilizer box and feeding sites. Fertilizer and check the metering shaft shaft rotational flexibility.

(6) class homework, should be in its own Park the drill in a sheltered, dry. When you open storage, the fertilizer tank cover tightly. Park falls when opener down bearing the body stability, reduce unnecessary load on the seeder frame.

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