How to choose a right fabric pot size for marijuana plant?

- Nov 20, 2018 -

how to choose a right fabric pot size for marijuana plant?which fabric pots size should i use?

Fabric Pot Size

A general guideline to use while picking the size fabric pot is to have a 2-gallon fabric pot for a plant about 12 inchs high。A 3 to 5 gallon fabric pot is perfect for a 24 inch plant,and a 5 to 7 gallon fabric pot works well for a plant 36inches high.

if you have any doubts about the size,it is always a good idea to pick up a bigger fabric pot size for your final plant.Some growers use a small,one gallon fabric pot when they start off to reduce chances of over-watering and to provide more oxygen to the roots.Others will prefer starting off the plant in a  fabric pot that they can continue using throughout its growth cycle.

There is a danger of over-watering your seedlings in a large fabric pots,which will slow down their growth,You will need to be careful and just provide a little water at a time.Just pour a little bit of water in a small circle around the seedling until the water runs off out of the fabric pot.You don't have to wet the whole fabric pot.

In a few days,you will notice that the top inch of fabric potting mix is dry to the touch.Water agagin when you notice this.This helps in providing the right mix of water and oxygen to the roots,thus accelerating their growth.

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