How to choose right containers or pots for your marijuana plant?

- Nov 19, 2018 -

To choose a right container or fabric pots is important which will help your marijuana plant grow well and healthy.

The right container is one which provides the best environment for the roots of the marijuana plant by supplying enuogh oxygen.healthy roots maans a healthy plant and a healthy amount of buds.

Here are a few options that you can look into and pick the one that seems best to you.

Standard plant containers

A  standard plant containers which comes with a saucer is probably the most easily available can buy it in any gardening stores.the pot allows for easy drainage of excess water.the water gets caught in the saucer and can be easily disposed of.

A 5-gallon bucket or any plastic container

if you have an empty 5-gallon bucket lying around in your house,you can use it for planting will need to drill a hole at the bottom of each of these containers.if you have already been using a container for planting other house plants,just sterilize it with alcohol or bleach before planting marijuana.

Sunshine Garden Fabric Pots

Fabric Pots make more oxygen available for the roots and are probaly one of the best options for growing marijuana,the growing medium present in these pots dries out from the sides.this means that you will never be over-watering your plants.but it also means that you will be watering them more ofter than any other regular pots.

Pick a 5-gallon size Fabric pots.if the size is anything smaller than this,you will end up watering your plant every day.if you are afraid of the water destroying your floor,just use a saucer or any similar container to catch the excess water.the excess water can then just be disposed of.


Air Pots

Air pots are attractive options for growing your plant ,they have holes in the sides,and water will seep out from these holes.they prevent the plant from getting root-bound and you can catch the water by putting the pot inside any container than can catch the water.

No matter which container,both have different advantage,if you need fabric pots,remember to contact us~Taizhou Sunshine Garden Products Co.,Ltd

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