Planting Bags for Tree Planting

- Mar 15, 2017 -

Planting bags

It is cultivated with a variety of seedling products, low cost, high efficiency, strong durability, strong water conservation

, water conservation, moisturizing and fertilizers, good insulation, so that the trees grow green; not affected by season

al climate (especially in the north drought And desert planting than in the usual environment, the survival rate is higher,

 the role is more obvious); at the same time nursery products throughout the year transplant roots complete, to ensure

 high survival rate of transplant, seedlings can achieve the desired growth advantage!

Specifications: 80 * 60cm; 90 * 70cm; 70 * 50cm; 60 * 55cm; 45 * 35cm; 55 * 45cm and so on

The price range is generally ranging from 0.5 USD to 15USD .

The selection method for planting tree bags is as follows:

1: from the height of the tree and the depth of the root.

2: from the size of the earth ball to consider: the general soil ball in the 70CM below the choice of caliber than the 

earth ball 5CM to 10CM bag, soil ball 75CM above, the choice of caliber than the earth ball 10-20CM bag.

3: from the nursery stock diameter: 4550CM; nursery breast diameter: 3CM use container caliber: 20-30CM; 

seedling breast diameter: 3-5CM use container caliber: 35-40CM; seedling breast diameter: 6-8CM use container

 caliber: 45-50CM; 9-10CM use container caliber: 55-60CM; seedling breast diameter: 11-12CM use container 

caliber: 65-80CM; seedling breast diameter: 13-15CM use container caliber: 90-110CM;

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