Seeders types

- Dec 16, 2016 -

Sowing machine

Sow the seeds in seed evenly spaced planter on the block. Common models are centrifugal sowing machine, mounted on the back of farm transporter. By the seed case and scatters the wheel. Seed by the seed box fall on sowing wheel, along the tangent direction under the action of centrifugal force in broadcasting, broadcasting up to 8 ~12-metre. Also scatters the powdered or granular fertilizer, lime and other materials. Spreading mechanism can be installed for use on agricultural aircraft.

Drill type

Mainly used for grain, vegetables, grass sowing of small seed, commonly used grain drills. Homework, be wheel-driven metering wheel rotation, seed from the seed sowing of seed is required inside the box into the feed tube, and the opener into a good Groove, and then covered by a covering press plant seeds compaction. After emergence of crop of equidistant parallel lines. Drills for different crops in addition to different types of metering and opener, but its structure is basically the same, and usually consists of a rack, traction or suspension, a seed box, metering device, transmission device, feed tube, ditching machine, rowing, walking round and covering press device and so on. Which influence the quality of seed are mainly seed-metering device and the opener. Common metering sheave, centrifugal type, disc type and other types. Opener-shovel, boots, sliding knife, such as single-disc and double-disc type.

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