Brief Introduction Of Functional Bag Simple Drip Irrigation And Its Advantages

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Brief Introduction of Functional Bag Simple Drip Irrigation and Its Advantages
Functional bag crop cultivation, irrigation is essential, and drip irrigation is the function of the best vegetable bag irrigation technology, it has water, increase production, cooling, labor, high efficiency and so on.
First, simple drip production.
In the Functional Bag first build capacity of 3 cubic meters -5 cubic meters, height 1 meter -3 meters of the reservoir, in the pool outlet pipe installation gate valve and water meter, with 38 mm plastic tube Functional Bag inside the hair pipe, and the pool Outlet pipe connected. Branch pipe and the layout of the tube there are two:
1. Lay the capillary along the length of the Functional Bag.
In the functional pocket with 25 mm plastic pipe to do with the branch pipe and capillary vertical connection, and in the branch pipe installed on the gate valve; in the Functional Bag and capillary parallel, and branch pipe vertical, every 1 meter spacing to install a diameter of 15-20 mm, Length and Functional Bag length of the same plastic pipe, the wall with a hole spacing of 35 cm, the diameter of 1.0-1.3 mm plastic tube made of capillary tube, composed of simple drip irrigation system, covered with plastic film on the capillary, film planting vegetables.
Advantages: The advantages of this arrangement is easy to operate, conducive to management. Save water. According to the test, the utilization rate of simple drip irrigation is 95% -98%, which is 45% higher than that of sprinkler irrigation and 60% of water consumption. Save fertilizer. Large functional bags of vegetables by the topdressing of the fertilizer into the pool with water droplets applied to the crop rhizosphere soil layer, to avoid the loss of fertilizer, leakage and evaporation.
2. Lay the capillary along the Functional Bag.
With a number of length is the Functional Bag 4 times the porous plastic capillary, the first end and functional bag side of the branch pipe connected to the parallel Functional Bag across the curved arrangement of 4, the tube covered with plastic film, film planting vegetables.
Advantages: The advantages of this arrangement is the function of vegetables inside the bag has sufficient sunshine, is conducive to growth and development. Improve the Functional Bag temperature. Functional Bag using simple drip irrigation than the function of bathing to improve the temperature of about 5 ℃, so that vegetables listed about half a month earlier.
Functional Bag was originally used to grow the quarterly different fruits and vegetables, if the temperature is too high or too low, the growth of vegetables harmless, which is directly related to the economic interests of farmers. Therefore, whenever the functional bag of vegetables encountered low temperature chilling injury when how to prevent it?
The first thought is the indoor insulation. Can take the plastic film cover, buckle small arch Functional Bag, the activities of the screen and other multi-layer method of insulation. In the large surrounding the inside of the multi-layer grass that is, both wind and insulation. Can be installed in the functional bag fluorescent lamp (lamp and plant leaves to maintain a distance of 50cm), 10-12 hours a day light irradiation. In the functional bag at one end of the set of operations, import and export at the thick curtain, to prevent cold intrusion. And covered with no drip, the fruits and vegetables on the insulation is good.
Followed by indoor heating. When the outside world a substantial cooling, you can temporarily use firewood or coal combustion, through the stove, flue and direct cooling to improve room temperature. Conditions can be used to wineries, paper mills, smelters and other hot water discharged, hot air, steam as a function of the heat bag. By adding hot organic fertilizer, that is, before planting vegetables, planted some organic fertilizer in the ground.
Finally, outdoor insulation. Apply soil around the Functional Bag to increase the wall thickness of the functional bag. In the Functional Bag around the erection of wind, to reduce wind speed. In the Functional Bag around the digging ditch, ditch filled slag, rice husk, etc., cover Yan ditch top, keep the ditch dry. Increase the cover of large functional bags, such as thick grass and so on. Do a good job in all parts of the big function of the convergence and blocking work, to prevent the cold intrusion.
In addition, you can add fruits and vegetables in the leaves of carbon dioxide, which not only can significantly enhance the resistance of vegetables to chilling injury, but also to promote the yield increase, and why not.

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