Development Of Bag Filter Industry(1)

- Dec 16, 2016 -

1, 2001 bag several key enterprise production and sales situation is better, there are a number of companies annual GDP crossed the billion mark, achieve the best levels in history. Export even products also have a larger growth in exports to developed countries. Description production bag filters of backbone enterprises in China's technology and equipment and product quality has reached the international advanced level. But our bag products price 1/3~1/10 similar products in developed countries, by foreign enterprises in the price compared with algorithms, the output value of these enterprises would be hundreds of millions of Yuan, or up to 1 billion yuan.

2, the bag is expected to open up the electricity market. Inner Mongolia Hohhot power plant using coal SO2 content in the lower flue gas dust specific resistance to rise, which makes EP applications becomes difficult and uneconomic, so two 200,000-generator set boiler bag type dust. Total package unit is State power Nanjing electric power environmental protection Institute, equipment manufacturing is the electric dust collector plant in pingdingshan, end of 2001 all installed. The success of this project will be in power systems in China caused tremendous repercussions for our bag play an exemplary role in developing China's power market for our bag filter industry plays a great role in promoting development.

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