Dust Skeleton Production Technology

- Dec 16, 2016 -

Dust skeleton is the centrifugal force of the rotating dust gas, dust separated from the gas stream of a dry-type gas-solid separation device. When the dust concentration in the air intake pipe when entering the cyclone air flow from linear motion to circular motion. Density greater than gas dust inertial force and loses contact with the wall along the wall fall into the ash discharging pipe. Rotate falling outward flow when it reaches the cones, move closer to dust collector for the shrinkage of the cone Center. When the air reaches a position at the lower end of the cone, that is in the same direction of rotation from middle cyclone, continue to helical flows from the bottom. Final purification of exhaust gas pipe outside. Part is not trap dust particles which escape. 5-10 μ m above the dust for capture, separation efficiency is high. Dust bag

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