ESP Routine Maintenance Operations In Cement Industry

- Dec 16, 2016 -

1) strengthen the management and monitoring of ESP, equipment inspection records, timely detection of problems in time to prevent equipment failure caused failure extended. In ESP operation, once every 1h rapping and discharging the functioning of the transmission mechanism, the electric high voltage silicon rectifier transformer low voltage side current and voltage values, which import and export value, and make data and failure records.

2) cleaning 1 time per week incubator and dust within the control cabinet, check whether the GK Board within the socket firmly, thread connection is reliable, especially ceramic shaft vibration equipment, high-voltage insulating ceramics and Silicon rectifier transformer output high voltage insulator, if damaged should be replaced immediately. Dust emission according to adjust the timing controller of work cycle, controlled vibration frequency or cathode mode from automatic to manual.

3) Note that hot air system adjustments during the cold wet weather driving less and turn down the valve to open degree, prevent the incubator temperature or dew; when the weather is hot and dry, on the other hand. Should always check their internal electric heating tube, the damage should be replaced. 2H insulation inside the box should be connected before using electric heaters, temperature above the dewpoint of flue gas temperature in the box. After the device starts, slowly adjust the knobs on the Panel, current and voltage is slowly rising, until the Flash control is best.

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