ESP Routine Maintenance Operations In Cement Industry

- Dec 16, 2016 -

4) on farm internal to often check, timely replaced fracture of cathode Burr, cleanup poles Shang of dust, on hanging gray too much of electric Halo line, and anode Board to analysis its reasons, timely made processing or adjustment, note observation plate and cathode framework whether deformation, electric Halo line whether relaxation, very from deviation whether in provides range within (electric Halo line and plate distance deviation should <5mm), vibration playing hammer whether shift or pine off, and hit power whether is requirements, gas distribution Board, and smoke road, and product gray bucket emissions mouth have jam,.

5) Silicon rectifier transformer for maintenance on a regular basis, especially on oil level, oil, insulation resistance and high voltage insulation resistance of the windings to ground monitoring to ensure that its targets within the specified range. Positive electrode of high voltage transformers and filter housings should be well grounded, grounding resistance should be less than 4 ω.

6) check the dust collector connection, flange, manhole sealing situation, measures for air leakage site, plugging in a timely manner. Pay attention to inspection of gear, vibrating device discharge screw conveyor gearbox oil and motor is normal.

7) equipment downtime, to adjust the output voltage and current to zero and then cut off the power supply to prevent further high impact caused by starting and don't immediately stop vibrating and the ash discharging device work, so as to avoid downtime fouling out and arching.

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