Fabric Grow Bag

- Mar 15, 2017 -

Fabric Grow Bags are made of polypropylene material, polypropylene material with a permeable permeability, and can control the growth of plant roots. 

With the United States planted a variety of seedling products, like the kind of species in the field can grow quickly, keep green, can be transplanted throughout the year, the root is complete, not subject to seasonal climate, transplant time can be greatly extended to ensure the survival rate of transplantation

Easy to sell, transport, etc. (especially for the northern arid and less desert and desert planting than the usual environment in the survival rate can be up to 5 times). 

The advantages of Fabric Grow Bags:

 1. Fabric Grow Bags are based on polypropylene material, polypropylene material can control the growth of plant roots, can naturally cut off roots, so as to prevent root roots of plants. 

2. Planting plants in the United States, grow fast, and planted in the same place, the roots of plants can penetrate the Fabric Grow Bags grows fibrous roots, through the roots to learn the nutrients needed for growth. This is something that can not be achieved by other container cultivation methods.

3. The use of Fabric Grow Bags, to maintain the integrity of the roots, but also to ensure that the bag of water penetration freely, conducive to plant growth. 

4. Planting plants in the United States, the high survival rate of transplantation and transplantation for a long time, the low cost of transplantation, in general, the United States can reduce the cost of bags and improve survival. 

5. Fabric Grow Bags compared with the traditional field planting or container, planting costs lower, more efficient, for the growers, is a good choice, the use of Fabric Grow Bagscan protect the environment and soil, in line with Energy saving and carbon reduction policy; small size, light weight, is conducive to operations, storage and sales of transport. To sum up, the use of Fabric Grow Bags should be a trend, its various effects and benefits, can allow farmers to save more time, technology, cost, etc., to bring benefits to farmers.

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