Functional Bag Winter Should Be Good Guard Work

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Functional Bag winter should be good guard work

According to experts, the winter of 2014 is a warm winter, and it will enter early. We, who used to wear short-sleeved shorts in October, have now put on coats and knitwear. Although it will be warm this year, Functional Bags still need to be ready for the winter.

There will be heavy snow in winter, so we need to strengthen our work first.

(1) strictly seal the door: when the wind comes, it is forbidden to rush in, especially if the door hole is opened in the back wall of the Functional Bag and the west of the greenhouse, to prepare the material for sealing the door.

(2) the shutter writers winds: normally roll shutter machine stopped in the middle of daylighting slightly upward position wind effect very good, and connect the shutter machine scroll both ends with wire gables anchor reinforcement, the quilt topical reinforcement anchor, the anchor rope connection day for reinforcement. But when the winter winds, shutter machine can't stop on the daylighting, especially at night, no quilt heat preservation, the greenhouse temperature will fall below 0 ℃. It is used to strengthen the anchor and anchor by using the reinforced rope in the cotton quilt.

(3) Functional Bag film must be tightly pressure: greenhouse is function of Chinese super easy damaged by a great wind bag film, it is the key to the wind, through pressure film line will Functional Bag membrane into the structure of the wave, strong wind comes, can guarantee the greenhouse Functional Bag film don't fluctuate, is relatively stable, pressure film line is not tight, when the wind comes, Functional Bag film flat, but fluctuate, damaged more easily; At the same time, the various edges of the Functional Bag membrane should be pressed tightly to ensure that the wind is not in the wind, and the irrigation wind in the greenhouse is the main reason for the greenhouse damage. In the area of wind power, it can be used to tie the steel frame with small bamboo rod in case of pressure, and the Functional Bag membrane will resist the wind, but it will make many small holes in the Functional Bag film to affect the insulation.

(4) fruit protection: grow large fruit type Functional Bags, especially the melons and other crops, the fruit is bigger and heavier, the steel frame wiggles in the wind when the wind is blowing, so as to break the melon seedling, and use the net to bear the fruit;

(5) pressing the pressing film line: ensure that the pressure of the large Functional Bag is pressed tightly, it is strictly forbidden to use the string simple and perfunctory, or the number of pressure film line is not enough, and it is not possible to pull together a few steel frames. It is easy to tighten and operate quickly with a small compact wire on each laminating line.

(6) greenhouse irrigation: when the greenhouse appears in the irrigation wind, the irrigation wind is less than the hour, first to deal with the position of the wind, pressure and the wind. When the irrigation wind is larger, first open the appropriate air outlet in the greenhouse, let the wind flow smoothly, avoid the drum damage Functional Bag membrane, then press the yan feng place, close the wind outlet open air outlet;

(7) rear roof treatment: after many greenhouse, roof treatment can not meet the requirements, ensure the thickness of the rear roof, ensure that it can not be from the back room to the greenhouse. To add soil to the wind, when the temperature rises to non-freezing, splash water on the rear roof or grass mud;

(eight) insulation was fortified: except the shutter machine between quilt quilt are connected into a whole, sacks of curved stitches for stitching are available, and to seal on the roof pressure quilt, gable quilt edges to seal, can't let the wind down from under the quilt. A strong wind area or winter wind area should be prepared to strengthen the rope, in the cotton is used to reinforce rope connecting the anchor, ground anchor to reinforce.

The protective measures for large Functional Bags should be properly protected in case of rain and snow. The inner vegetables of the large Functional Bag can be protected by heat preservation materials such as straw, film, or organic fertilizer. For perennial vegetables such as leek, winter is the time to fertilize the soil and improve soil fertility.

After the rain and snow, we also need to reduce the pressure on the crops in the Functional Bags.

After snow, you should pay attention to the work. Because there is no direct light exposure, the indoor temperature of the Functional Bag is low, especially the longer the temperature is lower. For the average fruit vegetable, the local temperature was below 10 ℃, the growth of root system and absorb largely discontinued. And the absorption of old roots is rapidly declining, and new roots are hard to come by. The longer it lasts, the greater the damage. Immediately after the weather is fine, if jie Shan room temperature quickly improve, Functional Bag enhance blade illumination, plant transpiration water in great quantities, outward and root system under the condition of very weak absorbent and is difficult to meet the transpiration of blade, if do not take timely measures will make the blade to form a long difficult to restore the wilting and super eventually led to the death of plants.

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