Grow Pot Usually Require Longer Maintenance Life

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Grow Pot usually require longer maintenance life
Grow Pot as important agricultural production facilities and special lighting construction, its light transmission, insulation and durability as a measure of the quality of the Grow Pot and the life of the important indicators. At present, the domestic design life of the Grow Pot is generally 5 to 15 years. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the Grow Pot, improve the use of performance effects, to produce high-quality agricultural products, do the daily maintenance of the growing pot is very important. Daily maintenance of the covering material The Grow Pot can be divided into glass Grow Pot, hollow board Grow Pot and film Grow Pot depending on the covering material. Due to the growth of the top of the pot material covered by long-term wind and sun, very easy to aging, affecting the growth of the pot seal and light insulation properties. Especially in northern China, the perennial sandstorm weather, dust leaves easily deposited in the top of the Grow Pot, may also make the growth of the pot cover material damage, so in actual production should be every 2 to 3 months to deal with the Grow Pot The top covering material is maintained once, and its range includes maintenance of the side cover material. Glass Grow Pot and hollow board Grow Pot can be regularly rinsed with roofs and walls with high pressure water guns. The film growing pot can be cleaned with a broom that is bundled with light items such as specially made dry batches. For the silt in the gutter rainy trough, the leaves should be cleared. Check whether the glass cracks, the use of glass adhesive seal, damaged to be replaced in time. Hollow plate can also be damaged using a sealant or tape repair. Plastic film can be damaged with a special patch film repair. For the film and the skeleton of the skeleton of the skeleton with a soft cloth or old plastic film wound to prevent the membrane and the skeleton of the parts due to heat and wind and rain and aging damage.
 Inside and outside the shade net maintenance inside and outside the shade is the Grow Pot in addition to the frequency of winter outside the use of high Grow Pot equipment, before and after the start of each year to deal with internal and external shade net routine maintenance. First check the drive system, including the motor, limit switches, travel and other debugging, for the rack, the gear need to add lubricants for maintenance, off and cut off the curtain line and press line for timely replacement, Rod, drive shaft walking straight, curtain cloth development flexibility and smooth.
 The main body of the maintenance of the theme of the main body of the pot, including seedbed stents are generally hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the main bearing structure. As the Grow Pot in the long-term high temperature and humidity conditions, the surface corrosion resistance of the components will become an important factor affecting the life of the Grow Pot. Therefore, it is also important to maintain the maintenance of metal materials such as the theme skeleton on a regular basis every year. For the joints connected to the loosening of the screw fastening, butt welding and external force caused by hot dip galvanized layer peeling easy rust parts of the anti-rust treatment, the use of coarse sandpaper grinding, and then brushing two layers of anti-rust paint to be protected.
 Maintenance of the cooling system The maintenance of the water curtain fan cooling system is usually carried out twice a year before and after deactivation of the fan curtain system. First, the outer side of the window to carry out maintenance, check the motor, and then to all the metal parts to do anti-rust treatment, the rack and pinion with butter lubrication. Second, the water curtain pump repair, the pool cleaning, the water float valve for the necessary replacement. And to the curtain outside the pest control network to conduct a thorough clean-up, pay attention to the use of soft brush will stick to the outside of the dust Fei Xu all clean up. The third is on the curtain water supply pipe on the filter to clean the curtain paper to use soft brush to follow the cardboard lines, that is, the water flow from top to bottom to clean up the scale, and then rinse with high pressure water gun, scale For a long time but also with phosphoric acid to wash the water. For water curtains where water leakage can be sealed with a sealant. Fourth, in the maintenance of the fan to check the motor and power lines, fastening loose parts, the timely replacement of the aging of the V-belt, correct deformation of the wind, the winter but also in the fan with protective cover outside the protective measures.
 Maintenance of the heating system After the start and end of the heating season, the heating pipe network of the growing pot should be promptly maintained and checked. Check whether the valve is leaking, whether the pressure gauge is normal, whether the exhaust valve is clogged or not. Expansion joints) damage to the deformation of the timely replacement.

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