Grow Pot Ventilation Method

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Grow Pot ventilation method
Summer and late spring, early autumn, due to the strong effect of solar radiation and Grow Pot, the temperature of the daytime growing pot facilities is often as high as 40 ℃ or more, far higher than the crop growth temperature, greatly limiting the cultivation of seasonal crops. In order to maintain the appropriate ambient temperature within the facility, it is often necessary to adjust and control the conditions of the growing pot facility by ventilating and setting the water curtain fan cooling system. In order to supplement the carbon dioxide, to exclude too much moisture in the growing pot, it is often necessary to properly ventilate.
1, Grow Pot cooling regulation and facilities
(1) the window of natural ventilation
  Grow Pot set skylight, side window. The use of temperature inside and outside the growth of the temperature difference between the internal and external air temperature ventilation, known as the hot air; the use of wind pressure caused by internal and external pressure ventilation, a wind pressure ventilation. Hot and air pressure ventilation is called natural ventilation. Through the growth of the top and side of the installation of the sunroof and side windows of the opening and closing, can play a function of regulating the natural ventilation. It is generally advisable to carry out natural ventilation better in the morning or evening.
(2) machine forced ventilation
   When the natural Grow Pot can not meet the production requirements, you can consider the installation of the fountain in the south wall of the fan, Beishan wall open air intake for forced ventilation. The main task of designing forced ventilation is to select the area of the fan and the opening of the ventilation window. Fan selection of low pressure, high flow, low noise fan more economical. Fan in the set static pressure when the total ventilation should be slightly larger than the Grow Pot design ventilation. In the large area of the multi-span Grow Pot can also be installed circulation fan, according to the requirements distributed to the Grow Pot, to achieve better ventilation effect.
(3) water curtain fan cooling
   When the outdoor temperature exceeds 35 ℃ in the summer, the maximum temperature in the shed is less than 28 ℃. When the natural and forced ventilation can not meet the requirements of regulating the growth of the Grow Pot, the cooling system can be considered by the wet curtain fan cooling system. Water curtain fan cooling costs are relatively high, but the effect is the best, generally not recommended commonly used.
The southern region, the summer is relatively hot, then the cooling has become our primary problem to solve, we all know that the summer cooling than winter heating costs are much higher. In hot weather, due to heat conduction, heat radiation, did not take the cooling measures of the Grow Pot temperature is higher than the outside temperature of 10 ~ 20 ℃, in such a hot weather simply can not be normal production in the Grow Pot. Therefore, to take effective cooling measures is to obtain the only way to produce high yield, high efficiency and stability in summer growing pots.
Evaporative cooling is a natural phenomenon. Just as when the wind blows through the sea will lead to evaporation of water, so that the temperature drop. In order to reproduce this physical process artificially in a poultry house and a Grow Pot, there must be a surface that allows the vapor to be vaporized, requiring a water supply system that allows the surface to wet, and also requires the main air to pass through the surface and System effective operation of the control means.
  The heat source in the Grow Pot comes from heat conduction, heat radiation. Heat conduction and heat radiation generated by the heat load depends on the weather conditions and Grow Pot structure, Grow Pot shade treatment. All of these heat which causes the temperature of the Grow Pot to rise is to be vented by ventilation, so the proper indoor ventilation will have a good wet curtain - the basis of the fan cooling system.
  The temperature at which the wet curtain can be lowered depends on the difference in dry and humid air and the efficiency of the wet curtain at this time. The value of the cooling is the product of both. Steady operation of the wet curtain cooling efficiency is usually the same. It can be seen that in the more hot weather, the wet curtain cooling effect is better.

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