Grow Tent Design Requirements

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Grow Tent design requirements

With the improvement of people's living standard and the pursuit of health, the demand and demand for vegetables are higher and higher. In urban areas and around the city, vegetable sheds gradually develop and form a scale. So what should the construction process of the Grow Tent be? What principles need to be followed?

1. The flat land and pay-off: according to the design good sunlight to Grow Tent floor plan, determine the azimuth, determine the four angles of Grow Tents, and at the four corners from the pile, and then determine the position of the gable wall and back wall;

2. Buried column and roof rack: determine the position of each column according to the drawing and mark it with lime. Dig a pit 30 to 40 centimeters deep, and use a stone as a pin to prevent the column from sinking. Then, in the back post, the excavation will be installed, with the frame on the upright post, the tail frame on the rear wall or the supporting post on the rear, and the purlin 3-4 on the frame. The spine purlin is attached to the air, forming a straight line. Other purlin is placed in the wrong place. In order to prevent purlin from slipping, a small piece of wood can be pinned to the bottom of purlin.

3. Covering the back of the roof: cover the purline or the rafters with a layer of discarded plastic film, placed in a sheaf of cornstalks, Grow Tent and the direction of the flow is perpendicular to the purline or the rafters. Spread straw or straw on the stalks of corn, then spread a thin layer of plastic on top of it. The rear roof is composed of two layers of plastic film encased in straw and straw, which makes a quilt like cotton quilt. The insulation performance is much higher than that of ordinary plastic film without plastic film.

4. Ditch the cold ditch: dig 20 cm wide at the front of the growing tent and 40 cm deep in the cold.

5. Buried anchor and the roof pressure membrane fixed lead wire: flat in the bottom of the cold-proof ditch a in greenhouse and other long lead wire, its wear with anchor, anchor block is made a hoop at both ends of lead wire, 8 in the arch bar spacing to be buried, Grow Tent every 3 meters on the lead wire tie a brick or wood, placed between the fixation;

6. Build the roof before: Grow Tent good post position buried to before and after adjustment, make the pillar each row and each column alignment, to 4 m long bamboo two tied together, and appropriate to length, one end inserted in the cold-proof ditch and the lower on the south side of cold-proof ditch brick head tightly, its Angle to make arch bar in come up vertical to the ground or slightly inclined to the south;

7. Covering film: the film of the growing tent is two or three, with the width of 3 meters and 5 meters respectively, and the width of the Grow Tent is 2 meters, 4 meters and 2 meters respectively. Grow Tent To the film side of the 3 m or 2 m wide roll back, adhesive for bonding or electricity into 5 ~ 6 cm wide iron tube, nylon rope, 3 meters wide on the distance from the ground 2.5 meters, 2 meters wide on the distance from the ground 1.5 meters.

8. Fixed pressure film line: after the film is covered, Grow Tent it shall be pressed tightly with the pressure film line. The pressure film line can be the special pressure film line of the polypropylene greenhouse sold in the market, and can be replaced with nylon rope or wire. First, tie the end of the pressure film line to the lead wire on the back of the raised tent, and drop it from top to bottom, and press down on the thin film between the two arch bars.

The paper is made of 4-6 layers of kraft paper. The straw is made of straw or papyrus. The straw is 1.2-1.3 meters wide, and the papyrus is 1.5-1.6 meters wide. The length of the straw covers the front roof of the greenhouse. In the absence of paper, the overlap between two layers can be covered or increased.

10. Treatment of the entrance: the tent of sunlight growth can be kept at the east gable wall, the door should be as small as possible, outside the door to be built in the insulation room, inside and outside of the door, the door curtain should be hung to ensure the indoor temperature.

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