Grow Tent Lead The Industry To Develop New Trends

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Grow Tent lead the industry to develop new trends
    The Grow Tent is very good insulation, can be in the northern cold winter for efficient anti-season vegetable production or crop cultivation, it is also very popular. Sunlight greenhouse good insulation performance and practicality thanks to its thick wall structure, the wall is generally soil, we in the construction of the wall will generally be covered with a layer of non-woven fabrics, and then sprayed with cement mortar , Looks more beautiful.
      Standard sunshine Grow Tent general things about 100 meters in length, the internal front and rear span is generally 10 meters, remove the daylight Grow Tent part of the wall, the front roof is now more use of steel frame structure, solid and reliable, covered with anti-dripping, anti-aging Of the growth of the tent for the PO film and quilts coupled with rolling machines and so on. Such a daylight Grow Tent cost is greater than less than 10 million, Bao Gong Bao material, the cost of an acre in 4-5 million. If the appropriate reduction in the configuration, the cost of this Grow Tent can be lower, an acre of land about 40,000 or so.
      As a result of the need for use, this daylight Grow Tent inside and outside the span can also be made 8 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters or more, the cost of an acre will be different but not big.
  2, arched thin film Grow Tent
      This kind of arched Grow Tent is also widely used in the central part of China, the vast southern region and the northern region of the spring ahead of autumn after planting cultivation, nursery and breeding in the application of a lot. According to the different structure and function, the cost of a mu of land is also very large, mainly skeleton structure and labor costs are different: simple point of the cost of a mu on the low point of the complex point of the cost of an acre on the high point.
      Thin film grows tent
      The figure is a commonly used simple shed, Bao Gong Bao material, the cost of an acre of about 17 million, less than 20,000 yuan.
      Thin - walled tents
      This is a continuous-type film Grow Tent, contractors package material, the cost of an acre of about 60,000.
      Multi - span film greenhouse
      If the application requirements are higher, thin film Grow Tent can also do a higher standard, this multi-storey modern film Grow Tent, contractors package material, an acre cost about 100,000, which can be installed inside and outside the shade system, insulation system , Automatic irrigation, fertilization system, to achieve modern agricultural production.
      There is this multi-span intelligent greenhouse, as shown in the figure, which is the mainstream of the modern modern intelligent greenhouse structure, higher cost, the cost is generally calculated in square meters, and now use this greenhouse structure is also more and more , Has also been popular. The standard cost ranges from 260-500 / square meters.
      The cost of these common Grow Tent or the cost of Grow Tent of vegetables is the price of contractors, if you are more understanding of the growth of the tents industry, their procurement of materials, the cost of workers will be the cost of this, if not enough to understand the words , It is recommended to grow the construction of the construction of the tent package construction package, because the cost of their procurement of materials is not good control, construction and installation may detour.
  Grow Tent in the temperature, humidity, light intensity and soil temperature and water content and other factors, Grow Tent crop growth plays a key role. The temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, soil moisture, light intensity, water flow and pH value, EC value, etc. of the Grow Tent are used as the core of the PLC. Parameters for real-time automatic adjustment, detection, and create the best environment for plant growth, so that the environment within the Grow Tent close to the ideal value of artificial design to meet the growth and development of tents crop development needs. Applicable to seed breeding, high-yielding cultivation, precious and rare flowers and other venues to increase the growth of tents product production, improve labor productivity. Is a successful example of high-tech achievements for modern agricultural services for large-scale production.

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