How Does Grow Tent Replenish Carbon Dioxide?

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Grow Tent How to replenish carbon dioxide by Jiuyang Grow Tent Co., Ltd. for everyone to introduce the following: seedling is a better period of supplementing carbon dioxide. During the day, the best time to replenish carbon dioxide should be seen immediately after 0.5 to 1.5 hours in the morning shed so that the facility maintains a high level of carbon dioxide. At noon before and after the greenhouse facilities temperature, photosynthesis enhanced, vegetables prone to "carbon hunger" phenomenon, so the need to timely replenishment of carbon dioxide. Tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin to 750 to 850 mg per liter is appropriate, eggplant, pepper, strawberry is 550 to 750 mg per liter is appropriate. General light strong, high temperature, adequate fertilizer, the concentration should be higher, to take the appropriate concentration of vegetables is appropriate to the upper limit. Cloudy or light is weak, low temperature, fertilizer supply is insufficient, the concentration should be reduced, but not lower than the appropriate concentration of vegetables lower limit. For a protected area with a certain size area for Grow Tent, a dedicated carbon dioxide gas fertilizer generator or a carbon dioxide gas fertilizer granule should be used for ease of use and control. The scale of the protected area is relatively small, in order to reduce the production cost, chemical reaction can be used chemical. When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the shed of cultivated fruit vegetables exceeds 850 mg per liter, it should be timely and ventilated. If the greenhouse with a solid gas fertilizer to release carbon dioxide method, the need for normal ventilation management, should pay attention not to "wind" to prevent the loss of carbon dioxide. Only Grow Tent in the fertilizer, moisture can fully meet the needs of the normal growth of vegetables on the basis of the application of carbon dioxide fertilizer, in order to make vegetable yield effect is more significant.
The weather is getting hot, people have changed from long-sleeved shirt to short-sleeved T-shirt and skirt. In the Grow Tent, you need to take the cooling measures, the most commonly used method of air conditioning is the wet curtain cooling, wet curtain cooling is outside the high temperature air through the wet curtain, wetting and cooling, and the formation of cold, Control the room to absorb waste heat, and then discharged from the outdoor process. This cooling method usually requires a certain parameter, such as Grow Tent to improve the need for ventilation / square meters, livestock and poultry given the required ventilation / kg and so on. In order to calculate more convenient, I summed up a number of design data, for your reference.
Wet curtain cooling is composed of two sections: the former is the formation of cold wind, the latter part of the Grow Tent cold air in the room heat exchange, the formation of cold wind, the relevant textbooks have a detailed description, in this not detailed explanation. We look at the cold air into the room after the part: from the cold wind into the room to leave, heat exchange is completed, that is, all the cold air to absorb all the waste heat of the room. After the system reaches the balance, the room minus the heat is equal to the cold wind to increase the heat.
Grow Tent in the air humidity is too large will cause changes in pesticide quality, reduce efficacy. Powders and Wettable Pesticides absorb moisture from the air, easily agglomerate or agglomerate the powder, reducing the flowability of the powder or the suspension rate of the wettable powder. Organic phosphorus powder moisture absorption can also make the active ingredient decomposition, in case of Grow Tent high temperature and humidity this decomposition rate will be accelerated. The air is wet and can cause the label to be damaged or peeled off.
Fertilizer varieties are more, some in the storage process will release the acidic or alkaline substances, affecting the quality of pesticides. Therefore, Grow Tent with pesticides and fertilizers should not be stored in the same warehouse.
High temperature and low temperature have an impact on the quality of pesticides. Emulsified pesticides contain a lot of toluene, xylene and other organic solvents, high temperature easy to play, but also easy to burn. The higher the temperature, the faster the dichlorvos volatilize, the volatilization at 35 ° C is 1.4 times larger than at 20 ° C. Trichlorfon crystals began to melt at 30 ° C, the phenomenon of flow soup. When the temperature of Grow Tent is as low as below 0 ° C, liquid pesticides tend to crystallize or precipitate, and even freeze the glass bottles. Therefore, Grow Tent high temperature or low temperature on the quality of pesticides have an impact, especially the most obvious high temperature.

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