How Does The Grow Bags Work?

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Many grower use grow bag,but many customer did't know how does grow bag work?let Sunshine Garden answer this question:

  1. From grow bag Material: Special polypropylene material can cause natural root-breaking effect and high transplantation effect. After planting, the root system stretches outward. Because the material has good gas permeability, the plant roots do not penetrate the bag surface after contacting the unique material, but the new root system is formed in the bag due to the root breaking action of the air, thereby promoting the plant to grow in the bag. A lot of roots, rather than a few main roots, are wound around the medium, which is the effect of natural roots.

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2 .Use grow bag,Plants grow as fast as in the field. It is not as good as other container cultivation methods. After rooting, the roots can still expand outward without forming roots, and the water and nutrients can still be absorbed by the fine roots outside the bag. The xylem of the root center is transported upwards, which has the same effect as planting in the field, and is not cultivated by other containers.

3.Grow bag have a special feature: moisture penetration is free, no water accumulation. The special material of the root bag can freely penetrate the water and nutrients, and there is no water accumulation in the bag to cause root rot.

4 .If you want to save the cost,Grow bag's transplant cost is low and the transplant season is long. Because the technicians do not need the root transplant, the ordinary workers can transplant, the transplant is easy and convenient, and the cost is low. Since the soil ball is reduced by about 25% compared with the traditionally planted soil ball, the handling cost can be reduced a lot. After harvesting, the planting bag is harvested. It can be used as a packaging soil ball container, the soil ball remains intact, the transplant survival rate is high, and no additional packaging is required to reduce the cost.

5 .When we use grow bag,the Carbohydrates accumulate in the grow bag and quickly resume growth after transplantation.

Since the root has been peeled off by the ring, the carbohydrates produced by the leaves are transported from the phloem to the roots, but cannot be sent out of the bag. The carbohydrate nutrients accumulate in the roots of the bag to form a tumor, which can be quickly formed after transplantation. Restore growth, transplant survival rate and quality are greatly improved.

So,it is the best choice to use grow bag!

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