How Does The Grow Tent Achieve Temperature Management?

- Aug 30, 2017 -

How does the Grow Tent achieve temperature management?
In the production of Grow Tent, keeping the temperature inside the tents is the basic condition for maintaining good crop growth.
Generally speaking, the temperature inside the growth tent can change with the outside temperature. The law of change is that the higher the temperature outside the Grow Tent, the greater the temperature increase in the Grow Tent, while the Grow Tent outside the temperature is low, the growth of small value in the tent. In general, the maximum temperature and minimum temperature in the Grow Tent are about 2 hours later than the field.
The temperature inside the growing tent tends to change as weather and seasons change. Users in the use of large tents can be based on the temperature changes in the law, adding a series of protective measures to maintain the growth of the tent inside the constant temperature. Sunny day temperature difference is larger, rainy day temperature difference is small. The lower the temperature, the higher the temperature, on the contrary, the opposite. In addition, the user can also be based on early growth of cultivated vegetables suitable for the growth of temperature requirements to strengthen the Grow Tents within the temperature adjustment work.
At the same time, different crops on the temperature requirements are also different. Users can adjust according to realistic conditions and crop requirements. For example, in the seedlings before planting seedlings generally do not ventilated to improve the Grow Tents inside the temperature and temperature, conducive to crop growth. Not only that, the user also according to the conditions of the season to adjust the early spring due to light, Grow Tent within the warming effect is poor, can be used in large tents and then covered with plastic film plus small arch Grow Tent measures to improve the warming effect.
Spring early summer cultivation is one of the main uses of Grow Tent, then in this period of field management how to do it?
First about the temperature, which is the most important growth factor for the Grow Tents. In the early planting of the week, the growth tent requirements can not be ventilated to heat-based. Especially like cucumber. Eggplant a class of vegetables, need to maintain a high temperature, which is also beneficial to the seedlings. Then also after the seedlings, still need high temperature, the general growth of tomatoes during the day at 25 ℃ around the night at 10-15 ℃. Several other vegetables are also corresponding to the adaptation temperature.
On fertilizer, this is a crucial factor in the growth of vegetables. Usually in the planting after the seedlings, the application of fertilizer fertilizer. In the case of tomato, it is shown that 30 kg of compound fertilizer is applied per acre at the beginning of the first spike, and 20 kg / acre is added at the beginning of peanut 4-5.
Stable pruning, tomato, cucumber, a class of high-stem vegetables, in the growth to a certain stage need to support the bamboo plant on the shelves, so that the results are very favorable. Tomatoes generally use double rod pruning method, the first spike above the first lateral buds to retain the following axillary buds and branches all removed.
Paul flower fruit, spring temperature is low, the possibility of loss of flowers and fruits, therefore, to spend the use of speed flower flowers, improve the early production, the general will use anti-falling element. Of course, the best treatment temperature of Paulo fruit is below 15 ℃, higher than 15 ℃, then the light is sufficient, no need to deal with. Hormone concentration must be strictly controlled to avoid excessive doses caused by side effects.
 Insulation is the basic requirement for the Grow Tents, but also the necessary conditions for the normal growth of crops, so for the Grow Tent operators, insulation is necessary to do the first step.
The optimum temperature not only ensures the normal growth of the crop, but also increases the yield of the crop. Therefore, users in the use of large Grow Tent for production, should increase the Grow Tents insulation performance, to minimize the growth of energy within the tent, which is to improve the Grow Tents to produce effective means. We mentioned the concept of insulation ratio, although this is a more professional term, but it is also very easy to understand. Simply put, the growth of the tent insulation ratio refers to the thermal resistance of the smaller growth of the tent transparent material covering the area with the thermal resistance of the larger growth of the tent envelope covering the area with the sum of the area. At present, the Grow Tents than has become a measure of Grow Tent insulation performance of the important indicators, the greater the insulation ratio, the better the growth of the tent insulation.

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