How Does The Summer Grow Tent Cool Down?

- Jul 28, 2017 -

How does the summer Grow Tent cool down?
 Summer due to strong solar radiation and the Grow Tent, so that the growth of the tent temperature up to 40 ℃ above the crop growth and development stopped, causing crops to wither and die. So to solve the problem of summer cooling is to ensure the normal growth of crops is the key.
    In the cooling of the general use of natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, mechanical cooling, evaporative cooling, the shade net, outside the shade net, water curtain fan cooling and other measures.
    Mechanical refrigeration is the use of refrigerators, usually Grow Tent larger, requiring a high cold load, while mechanical refrigeration equipment and operating costs are high and extremely uneconomical.
    Evaporative cooling is the use of air in the sensible heat evaporation of water, to reduce the air humidity of a cooling measures. But it will increase the humidity of the air, in the high humidity conditions, little effect
    Inner shade net generally use ULS14-18 series of submerged synthetic fiber slab net, shade rate of 20% to 50%, into the growth of the tent inside the sun reflection, and then covered by the roof material, part of the sun due to reflex and stay in the Indoor, resulting in heat accumulation, so that the indoor temperature rise, so the effect of cooling the inner shade alone is not very good.
    Increase outside the shade net, and within the shade combined with a variety of means integrated use, cooling effect is remarkable. Outer shade net generally use aluminum alloy fiber reinforced laminated board, Tianfu network and so on. The former shading rate can meet the needs of shade, but light, easy to crack, poor resistance to wind and expensive. The latter shade rate of 50% to 80%, high strength, anti-15 typhoon, anti-aging, the service life of up to 10 years. Because of the addition of the outer shade net, in the hot summer, can directly reduce the heat radiation into, to avoid the growth of the Grow Tent effect. This combination of internal and external shade net, the cooling effect is remarkable.
Green vegetables are not nothing new, a recent company opened a new smart growth Grow Tent, to see it!
    It is understood that there are three consecutive intellectual growth Grow Tent, with a total area of 12,000 square meters. Growth Grow Tent for the sun board growth Grow Tent a cross three, greenhouses stable structure, beautiful appearance, visual smooth, excellent insulation performance, light transmission is moderate, large rainy trough, lattice structure, large displacement; greenhouse skeleton using rectangular tube, Square tube and other profiles welding growth Grow Tent beam, column, purlins, truss. Top and around the usual use of PC board (carbonated polyester plate) enclosure, growth tent interior space can be free to split deployment.
    The main structure of the growth Grow Tent using cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized pipe, hot-dip galvanized bolts, anti-corrosion performance, and take inside and outside shade, skylights, side windows ventilation, water curtain fan cooling and other facilities, the top cover with anti- Ester hollow plate and shade net cover, surrounded by walls for the polycarbonate hollow board, the north wall using insulation composite panels, the installation of the sliding window, increase the growth of tent ventilation area, and effectively ensure the plant to adapt to the required temperature; Sensors, control the Grow Tent for the two-way sunroof, side windows, outside the shade, the inner shade, the insulation screen, multi-stage fan, wet curtain, wet curtain window, micro-mist cooling system, circulation fan, fill light , High-temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, Low humidity alarm, easy to operate and manage the use of indoor small mechanical operation can be used to facilitate farming.
 Technology innovation, so that farmers work more and more relaxed, more and more easy to make money

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