How To Choose The Skeleton Of Functional Bag

- Sep 20, 2017 -

How to choose the skeleton of Functional Bag
    Different Functional Bag skeleton has different characteristics, the price is not the same, the structure is not the same, the life is not the same. Below Xiaobian to tell you about how to choose Functional Bag skeleton.
    1, the use of steel frame material as Functional Bag skeleton, Functional Bag main long life, up to 20 years. But also need to pay attention to Functional Bag skeleton of rust, anti-corrosion, the general use of hot-dip galvanized steel frame.
    2, Functional Bag skeleton wind load, snow load ability. According to the local natural environment, wind, rain and snow and other natural conditions, select the appropriate skeleton and covering materials.
    3, can be used to build design, indoor space, land use rate is high, suitable for large area planting and mechanized operation. Span and open space can be selected, with the largest span of 16.0m, open interval of 10.0m Functional Bag project, experienced a snow after the Functional Bag skeleton intact.
    4, the general use of plug-in Functional Bag skeleton, easy to install  affordable, durable. If the use of welding, welding is easy to rust, once rust will greatly affect the Functional Bag skeleton life. Therefore, the processing of Functional Bag skeleton, to try to use the way of drilling bolts to avoid the emergence of welding.
    Xiaobian suggested that the construction of Functional Bag is best when the professional technical staff to measure, select the best Functional Bag skeleton, in order to ensure the life of Functional Bag, and get better production efficiency.
In the construction of Functional Bag, first select the site, do a good job of soil, geographical location, light and other analysis, and then you must choose the appropriate Functional Bag skeleton, in the installation of Functional Bag, should first fill the Functional Bag skeleton , Then, how is the Functional Bag skeleton landfill?
    Planning In the Functional Bag skeleton before the landfill, we must do a good skeleton, such as solar energy Functional Bag within the diameter of 100m as an example, according to 3.5 meters as a piece of land can be planned out of the middle 28, according to this must be more planning Not a specific location, and then in the wiring.
    Fixed ruler Which is buried as a reference column. Is generally a Functional Bag inside and outside the ends of the column as a ruler. For example, Functional Bag power, since the posterior wall of Functional Bag 4.4 meters high, the selected row of column height were the first row of additional columns 6.1 meters (north diagonal 50), the second row increased column 6.3 meters (upright), the third Row column 6.1 meters (30 degrees south slope), the fourth row of columns 5.3 meters (50 degrees south slope), the fifth row of columns 4 meters (50 degrees southward). In the selection of the column, and then according to the wiring diagram, respectively, Functional Bag at both ends of the two columns of the column can be buried. Columns must be buried underground 80cm or more.
    3. Divided columns. To Functional Bag at both ends of the "ruler" shall prevail, in accordance with the order from outside to inside the column. The method is: the first row of the first row is to be used for the first row of the column from its top down to measure and mark the position of 3m, and then from the top of the column down 3 meters out of the performance, with the column Of the mark to coincide, in accordance with this method, once bought the other column.
In order to give consumers the provision of fresh vegetables, glass Functional Bag skeleton construction is the most important point, the following Xiaobian to introduce the glass Functional Bag skeleton construction of the three most important measure of performance indicators:
    1. Glass Functional Bag skeleton construction durability:
    Functional Bag durability is affected by the aging resistance of the Functional Bag material and the carrying capacity of the Functional Bag main body. As the Functional Bag long-term high temperature and humidity environment, the surface of its anti-corrosion components also become an important factor affecting the service life.
    2. Glass Functional Bag skeleton construction insulation performance:
    Functional Bag insulation ratio is an important measure of Functional Bag insulation performance, improve Functional Bag insulation performance, reduce energy consumption is to improve the efficiency of Functional Bag production means a direct means.
    3. Glass Functional Bag skeleton construction light transmission performance:
    Functional Bag is a light building, light transmittance is an important factor in evaluating the light transmission performance of Functional Bag, Functional Bag light transmission rate of crop growth and selection of crop varieties as a direct impact factors.
    Hope that the above information for everyone to be helpful! Glass Functional Bag skeleton construction of the three most important measure of performance on the analysis of this, if you would like to know more about the Functional Bag skeleton knowledge, please continue to pay attention to us The website!

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