How To Detect The Environmental Performance Of Functional Bag

- Jun 22, 2017 -

How to detect the environmental performance of Functional Bag
Function bag manufacturers produced by the function of the bag in our lives occupies an important position, but the use of it, how should we test its environmental performance? Today Xiaobian put the knowledge they know to everyone, specific To understand about it!
First of all, we can use the fire method, under normal circumstances, if it is toxic products, it is not easy to ignite, and when the fire source left, it will immediately extinguish, and in the air is also accompanied by stimulation Sexual smell, if it is not toxic products can be lit, the flame is mostly blue, burning when the smoke less, when burning a paraffin flavor. Followed by the sound to identify, hand to seize the functional bag forced jitter, such as the occurrence of crisp sound that the functional bag of high environmental value.
With the continuous progress of society, functional bag is playing an important role, its use to bring a lot of help, but in the use of it, is not able to use the product of toxicity, not only people The body caused harm, but also bring a lot of pollution to the environment.
The function bag is used in life, and it can be used in a variety of occasions, especially the use of it to hold a variety of vegetables or liquids, but in the course of use, it can show what kind of characteristics What?
Now with the progress of technology, so for the functional bag, its quality is also a rapid increase, so now we use the product can show a variety of performance, not with acid, alkali reaction, especially in the Production, we can according to people's hobbies to manufacture products, make it into a variety of unreasonable shape, if it is not using it, then we can also use it for recycling, otherwise, will be us Of the living environment to bring some harm, decomposition of toxic substances.
In particular, pollution is more serious, because the production of Functional Bag of raw materials is not good degradation, so in order not to harm our environment, we can recover from him, otherwise, will give our environment harm.
Function bag can use him to hold any of the items, but in the course of the use, or need to identify its quality, then what method can it be identified? The following let us know about it!
In the identification of the time, first of all need to smell the smell to see if there is no more unpleasant, pungent odor, if the above is irritating and disgusting and other abnormal smell of the phenomenon, then this shows that the toxic products , Do not choose, and secondly, we can listen to the sound to identify, hand shake the function of the bag, the sound of the rash is very crisp non-toxic function bag, and the sound boring or no sound, is toxic packaging The

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