How To Detect The Light Of The Poly Plastic Grow Bag

- Aug 30, 2017 -

How to detect the light of the Poly Plastic Grow Bag
Poly Plastic Grow Bags are designed to meet the needs of the growth and development of plastic bags by providing a desired production environment, and light is a vital factor affecting crop growth.
Under the appropriate conditions, if the Poly Plastic Grow Bag to increase the light, you can enhance the photosynthesis of crops to improve crop production, especially for hi light crops. Poly Plastic Grow Bags Plastic Poly Plastic Grow Bag film quality is the main factor affecting the indoor light intensity, so if we want to understand how the indoor light, you need to measure this aspect of the system. For the quality of plastic bags, the light transmittance is an important parameter, good quality, the new production of plastic bags, the high transmittance, and for a long time to cover, the aging of the plastic bags, Its light transmittance will also decline. Then the humidity is the room we need to consider the factors. In addition, the opaque objects in the Poly Plastic Grow Bags (including Poly Plastic Grow Bags, lamination lines, stents, etc.) will also affect the intensity of light in the plastic bags, the user should minimize the presence of opaque objects in the Poly Plastic Grow Bags, Even if not use, but also to ensure that its occupancy position is not too large, the only way to reduce the plastic bag within the shading, thereby improving the high beam crop light receiving angle.
At present, Poly Plastic Grow Bags have been breeding in the breeding, high-yielding cultivation, rare and rare flowers and other venues have made extensive use of the above several aspects, in order to fundamentally increase the production of Poly Plastic Grow Bags.
As we all know, Poly Plastic Grow Bags are based on the agricultural Poly Plastic Grow Bag environment to achieve the principle of adjustable high-tech plastic bags, as a large-scale production of modern agricultural service success examples, it increases the production of Poly Plastic Grow Bags, and improve labor productivity, Applicable to seed breeding, high-yielding cultivation and precious rare flower culture. Today, we come to understand a more green and energy-saving, with Chinese characteristics of the Poly Plastic Grow Bags, it is daylight plastic bags.
Nikko Poly Plastic Grow Bag is a common Poly Plastic Grow Bag in the north of China, it is not equipped with a variety of high-tech automation facilities, but the use of relatively simple facilities, the energy source is only a form of sunlight, although only One, but also enough to meet the growth needs of planting crops, and in the use of very energy efficient. This kind of Poly Plastic Grow Bag is our unique facilities, mainly by the enclosure wall, the rear roof and the front roof of three parts, one of the sun is the front side of the roof, it is also known as the lighting surface, during the day When the sun, the front roof is only a layer of plastic film covered, wait until the night down when the temperature down, people in the plastic film covered with a layer of activity insulation, this layer of insulation is the main plastic bags of daily insulation measures, made of flexible materials , Until after the sunrise put away, sunset when put down, very simple, but also to strengthen the Poly Plastic Grow Bag insulation effect.
In winter, many vegetables are unable to grow normally because of the cold, but in the glass Poly Plastic Grow Bags in the vegetables can thrive. So how to use the new high-fat film to heat up, but also more economical? The farmers have a trick.
In the soil preparation, for the plot or for the bed, the soil filled with cow dung, pig manure, fresh garbage, manure and chopped or shredded straw, straw, and then add the right amount of new high-fat film, and finally re-fill the garden soil, Raw materials began to ferment function microbial strains can be used for nutrition to work. These raw materials by the new high-fat film plastic bag heating function microbial fermentation decomposition, can slowly release the heat, and gradually increase the soil and air temperature, and can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide to ensure the normal growth of vegetables.
Of course, if you want to heat up in the Poly Plastic Grow Bag, it also has a faster way, only the above materials with the new high-fat film mixed evenly, and made 2 to 3 cubic meters of the pile, the water transferred to about 60% Judging approach: hand clutching a material, fingers do not drop the water can be), three or five days heap temperature can rise to 75 ℃, the material pile will become a "soil heating room", according to Need to be inverted several times in order to adjust the reactor inside and outside the temperature. The benefits of this fermentation can be more: the temperature rose, the fertilizer has, less disease, Poly Plastic Grow Bags to accelerate the growth of crops, soil strength increased, serve multiple purposes.

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