How To Improve The Speed Of Vegetable Grow Pot

- Aug 17, 2017 -

How to improve the speed of vegetable Grow Pot
The lighting conditions in the Grow Pot directly affect the growth and development of vegetables, the output value and quality. Especially the rainy weather, light is weak. Growing pots Vegetables Illumination is lacking is ubiquitous. Lack of light, not only can not be more vigorous photosynthesis, transpiration is also reduced, plant growth is weak, affecting the value of vegetables and quality. Therefore, the adoption of some useful ways to improve the lighting conditions within the Grow Pot, the growth of the production of vegetables is necessary. Approach is:
Reasonable layout. In the growth of pots are not the same species of vegetables, should comply with the "North high south low" criteria, so that the plant height of the patchwork, try to cut off the phenomenon of mutual occlusion. The same kind of vegetables transplanted, and strive to seedling size common, so that the Grow Pot of plants to adjust the shading between the trees. Together with the north and south to do plot planting as well, so as to bear the sun.
Keep the membrane clean. Shed on the water droplets, dust and other debris, will reduce the light transmission rate of about 30%. The new film in the use of 2 days, 10 days, 15 days after the shed light will be weakened 14%, 25%, 28%. Therefore, we must always clean, scouring the dust, dirt and water droplets, adhere to the membrane surface clean, to add the transparency of the film.
Reasonable cover grass curtain. In the premise of doing the work of insulation, the appropriate advance in advance to open the curtain with the temperature and delay the curtain, can extend the light moment, add lighting. Grow Pot Usually after the sun came out 0.5-1 hours curtain, the sun before the half-hour and then curtains. Especially in the rain when the rainy days, but also appropriate curtains to take full advantage of the sun's scattered light.
Use no drip film. No drops of film in the production of the formula added several active agents, so that the water molecules and the membrane between the affinity greatly weakened, the water droplets along the film surface into the ground without water droplets occurred. Choose no drip thin film deduction, can add the light intensity within the shed, improve the shed temperature.
Set the reflector. With a width of 2 meters, 3 meters long aluminum reflective screen, hanging in the Grow Pot on the north side of the vertical ground, can make 40% above the ground mercy, shed temperature progress 3 ℃ -4 ℃. In addition, the laying of silver-gray plastic film on the ground can also add the light intensity between plants.
Do a good job to clean up the plants. Timely pruning, playing fork, tied the vine, playing the old leaves and other field management, is conducive to shed ventilation and light conditions.
Sunshine is a green plant for photosynthesis necessary conditions, in the light when the number of small, low intensity of the season, the growth of pots to collect more sunlight, on the progress of vegetable yield and quality plays an important role.
The cost of the vegetable growing pot varies greatly depending on the size of the shed. In general, the shedding of the vegetable can be divided into a single shed, a solar greenhouse, a semi-underground greenhouse, a multi-span film growing pot, a glass intelligent greenhouse, etc. , The price of vegetable Grow Pots are also increased in turn, of course, the more common in the country or single shed and solar greenhouse two,
The first is the arch shed; arched vegetable Grow Pot of the cost depends mainly on the Grow Pot construction materials,
1 bamboo structure of the shed is the earliest investment in one of the lowest shed, an acre of land 3000-5000 range, but because of its short life, there are columns, the operation is not convenient, low land use and other shortcomings gradually steel frame vegetables Grow Pot replaced
2 steel frame structure Vegetable Grow Pot long life, strong ability to resist snow, no columns, easy to operate, fast installation, simple demolition, etc. have been favored by the majority of farmers, although the early investment, to long-term calculations, the price is still very High.
3 simple steel pipe growth Main specifications: span 6-10 meters, length 40-120 meters, 2-4 meters high, shoulder height 1-2 meters, optional insect net, roll film and so on.
Followed by solar greenhouse, mainly used for planting anti-season dishes, can be divided into brick wall after the greenhouse and soil wall solar greenhouse, semi-underground solar greenhouse.
1 brick wall composite wall solar greenhouse beautiful shape, land use rate is high, but its cost is higher, the general cost of an acre in 12-18 million range.
2 soil wall greenhouses, semi-underground greenhouse, good insulation effect, low cost, whether the price of column steel frame and column mixed structure two, no column full steel frame market Grow Pot price The current market price of an acre land 7-8 Million, ranging from 5-6 million column.
3 of course the specific price depends on the material used in vegetable Grow Pots. Daylight greenhouse span of 6 meters to 12 meters, the length of 40 meters to 120 meters, can be customized according to customer needs, greenhouse skeleton material for the double arch structure and the number of steel structure, according to your plot for you to design different span, Length of the Grow Pot, easy installation, easy to disassemble, the service life of 15-20 years.

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