How To Reduce The Cost Of Functional Bag

- Jun 30, 2017 -

How to reduce the cost of Functional Bag
Reduce production costs and improve production efficiency has been the function of the production enterprises in the most desirable goal, then how to reduce the cost of production science it, fertilizer bag manufacturers that scientific and reasonable analysis of the reasons for the high cost of early, and then targeted To solve.
The orthogonal design method is used to reduce the cost of raw materials for woven bag. The raw materials for the production of woven bags are mainly polypropylene, polyethylene and filled masterbatch, antioxidant masterbatch, etc., through orthogonal test can be used with fewer experimental times, Functional Bag quickly find the best combination of experimental factors to understand the experimental factors Importance and interaction, reduce the blindness of the experiment, to avoid human, material and financial waste.
Reduce the tolerance, reduce the weight of a single bag. Functional Bag The length, width and weight of the woven bag are important factors that affect the cost of the bag. Bag square weight will affect the strength of the bag, handling caused by broken package, square grams of weight is too large, resulting in waste material, Functional Bag increase the cost of a single bag. To control these in the best condition, you need to use statistical techniques to control the indicators within a reasonable range.
Do a good job of a variety of raw materials consumption of data collection and analysis work. Monthly to make full use of the statistical data provided by the report, in particular, drawing, weaving, coating, bagging four processes of various raw materials consumption value, can use the line chart, column chart, pie chart, Tools can be used to analyze the process, through a period of time contrast can be developed to a reasonable consumption quota, at the same time, you can find out the key aspects of raw material consumption and the main factors, targeted to develop measures to use PDCA cycle method, Material consumption, reduce production costs.
Tea, iron, zinc, molybdenum, etc., Functional Bag the most important is the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, known as the main elements; calcium, magnesium, sulfur need less, known as the amount of elements; Requires minimal, but indispensable, called trace elements. The state stipulates that the compound fertilizer only detects nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and uses the three elements to indicate the total nutrient content.

Two should be noted that the nutrient content of a single nutrient content refers to the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium are the number. Functional Bag If only a total nutrient is not right, because I do not know its nutrient ratio, can not meet the requirements of balanced fertilization.

Three should pay attention to see the positive and negative difference in nutrients such as the following standard, the total nutrient 45% ± 3%, the problem appears in ± 3%, manufacturers often give you three nutrients, in fact, Functional Bag far less than 45% Depends on the positive and negative (±) the size of the difference, the smaller the better. Single nutrient positive and negative difference also exists this situation, the same reason.

Four should pay attention to see the nutrient unit price to buy fertilizer can not just look at the price, Functional Bag but also count a nutrient unit price, that is, with a bag of fertilizer prices divided by nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium total nutrients, see the numerical size, the smaller the value Cost-effective.

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