How To Solve The Problem Of The Collapse Of Functional Bag

- Nov 02, 2017 -

How to solve the problem of the collapse of Functional Bag
Due to the serious breakdown of Functional Bag, the government attaches great importance to this, in order to avoid agricultural losses, at present, according to the shed to rebuild the "improve the grade, improve the level" principle, the Government of Functional Bag construction and reconstruction of the technical guidance. Sheds, material aging, structural defects are the main reason. Functional Bag builds five cases of crushing:
First, because Functional Bag construction is more than 3 years old bamboo structure of the old greenhouse, the greenhouse as the main material of the load is bamboo, bamboo rod after 3 years has been retting, encounter snow is difficult to load, crushed, The
Second, because the greenhouse is large, no columns, such a greenhouse shed large load, likely to cause collapse shed.
Third, due to the construction of Functional Bag when the back wall is short, such a greenhouse front slope angle is small, relatively gentle, snow is difficult to remove, plus the back wall of the snow dampness, snow pressure and slip and collapse.
Fourth, because Functional Bag construction without cold film, or cold film damage water leakage, grass that wet, the slope is difficult to load and collapse.
5, due to the construction of Functional Bag steel frame structure of the interface gap, the connection movement, resulting in uneven force, snow pressure collapsed. As a result of climate Blizzard caused by damage to the vegetable greenhouses bamboo arch bamboo column pillar structure, the age of more than 5 years of greenhouse, due to bamboo aging, bearing pressure decreased and collapsed.
Six, due to Functional Bag construction Siamese span, due to fewer columns or columns uneven, uneven force and collapse.
So how to avoid the collapse of Functional Bag construction? Restore the scientific and practical reconstruction is the key, the experts suggested:
1, Nikko Functional Bag construction should be used in the skeleton hardness toughness of the steel skeleton structure;
2, Functional Bag construction weight per meter at 150 kg or the use of cement pillars, bamboo + bamboo pole structure arch, do not advocate the use of pure bamboo skeleton. At the same time, improve the height of the back wall to 3.3 meters to 3.5 meters, the ridge up to 3.8 meters to 4.0 meters, increasing the front roof of the degree.
 3, Functional Bag construction span to moderate, generally in the 7 meters to 8 meters. Cement pillars, bamboo + bamboo structure of the arch of the greenhouse to have 2 to 4 rows of columns, steel and round steel structure of the backbone of the pillars may be appropriate to reduce, but the back slope must have a row of columns.
4, Functional Bag construction to promote the use of semi-underground cultivation, subsidence 60 cm to 80 cm, improve insulation performance. Greenhouse front slope insulation materials, conditional advice with non-woven instead of grass thatch. It must be equipped with high quality, watertight plastic film or other tarpaulins.
5, plastic Functional Bag construction, the proposed use of steel skeleton, welding strict support; or the use of cement pillars, bamboo + bamboo structure arch. Do not advocate the use of composite skeleton or pure bamboo skeleton. Increase the height of the Arch on the arch cover to prevent snowfall. Control span of 8 meters to 10 meters.
6, wood structure Functional Bag construction column to be increased to 6 per row.
The following is to introduce a new Functional Bag heating insulation method, is the use of gold baby greenhouse heating agent, not only environmentally friendly, but also save money. The use of functional microbial fermentation decomposition, the straw into the crop required for organic and inorganic nutrition, temperature heat, carbon dioxide, and produce the relevant biological disease prevention and disease effects, and ultimately get high yield, high quality, pollution-free agricultural products A new type of bio-engineering technology products. It is the traditional crop cultivation technology is essentially different, is the straw harmless, resource-based, in situ use, recycling the latest technology, energy saving, provincial labor, greatly reduce costs, while increasing production and Quality, increase production and increase income, improve economic efficiency.

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