Intelligent Grow Pot Construction Facility Agriculture Development Direction

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Intelligent Grow Pot construction facility agriculture development direction
       With the rapid development of facilities and horticulture, intelligent Grow Pot (usually referred to as multi-span Grow Pot or modern Grow Pot) followed, it is a senior type of facility agriculture, with integrated environmental control system, the use of the system can be directly adjusted Indoor temperature, light, water, fat, gas and many other factors, can achieve high yield throughout the year, steady fine vegetables, flowers, good economic returns.
What is the intelligent Grow Pot
       The intelligent Grow Pot is also known as an automated Grow Pot, which is equipped with a computer-controlled mobile sunroof, shade system, insulation, wet curtain / fan cooling system, drip irrigation system or drip irrigation system, mobile bed and other automation facilities, based on agricultural Grow Pot environment of high-tech "smart" Grow Pot. Intelligent Grow Pot control generally by the signal acquisition system, the central computer, the control system composed of three parts.
Intelligent Grow Pot in your "control system"
       Intelligent Grow Pot "central system" that is intelligent Grow Pot monitoring system. It is composed of sensors, automatic control system, communication, computer technology and expert system and one, through the preloading of a variety of crops needed for the growth of the appropriate environmental parameters, build a growing pot intelligent hard and soft platform to achieve the Grow Pot temperature, humidity, Light, carbon dioxide, nutrient solution and other factors of automatic monitoring and control.
       Grow Pot temperature, humidity, light intensity and soil temperature and water content and other factors, the growth of the crop growth plays a key role. The temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, soil moisture, light intensity, water flow and pH value, EC value, etc. of the Grow Pot are used as the core of the PLC. Parameters for real-time automatic adjustment, detection, and create the best environment for plant growth, so that the environment within the Grow Pot close to the ideal value of artificial design to meet the growth and development of crop growth needs. Applicable to seed breeding, high-yielding cultivation, precious rare flower culture and other venues to increase the Grow Pot product output, improve labor productivity. Is a successful example of high-tech achievements for modern agricultural services for large-scale production.
       The computer operator can input the computer according to the data and control parameters needed for planting crops. The system can realize the unmanned operation and the accurate display and statistics of the data collected by the computer, and provide the reliable basis for expert decision-making. Control cabinet with manual / automatic switch, if necessary, can be manually controlled operation.
How does the Grow Pot monitor the system
       Computer through the sensor to collect a variety of environmental parameters, combined with the knowledge of agricultural expert system, make decisions and issued instructions, through manual, automatic, computer network (wired, wireless) and other means of irrigation systems, thermostat system, Shade and fill light system and other equipment to control, to create suitable crop growth and development of environmental conditions, to achieve high yield, high quality and efficient production goals.
       The system can be widely used in various regions of the modern Grow Pot, storage and preservation, breeding and other agricultural facilities, production management, so that users really appreciate the "science and technology services, agriculture," brought about by the use of the Grow Pot monitoring system , Farmers at any time have "regardless of the outside wind and rain, the Grow Pot is always good weather" feeling.
How the control system works
       The automatic control system of the Grow Pot is based on the information collected by the sensors such as the temperature and humidity, the soil moisture and the soil temperature of the growing pot, and the sensor information is sent to the 485 to 232 converter using the RS485 bus, and the alarm is displayed on the host computer. ,Inquire. The monitoring center will display the sampled data in tabular form and compare it with the set alarm value. If the measured value exceeds the setting range, the alarm or voice alarm will be displayed through the screen and the record will be printed. At the same time, the monitoring center can issue control instructions to the field controller, the monitor according to the instructions to control the fan, water pump and other equipment for cooling dehumidification and other operations to ensure the growth of the crop growth environment. The monitoring center can also use the alarm command to start the sound and light alarm device on the site monitor, inform the Grow Pot manager to take corresponding measures to ensure that the environment inside the Grow Pot is normal.
Application of Internet of Things Technology in Intelligent Grow Pot
       In fact, the Internet of Things technology is a variety of sensing technology, modern network technology and artificial intelligence and automation technology aggregation and integration applications.
       In the Grow Pot environment, the single-day Grow Pot can use the Internet of Things technology to become a wireless sensor network a measurement control area, using different sensor nodes and nodes with simple actuators, such as fans, low voltage motors, valves and other low current The air temperature, the air pressure, the light intensity, the concentration of carbon dioxide, etc., and then through the model analysis, automatic control of the Grow Pot environment, control irrigation and fertilizer operations, so as to control the substrate temperature, composition, pH value, temperature and air humidity, Obtain the best conditions for plant growth.

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