It Is Important To Pick The Right Grow Tent

- Jun 14, 2017 -

It is important to pick the right Grow Tent

Choosing the right Grow Tent is important, and everyone may well understand that truth. So what are the basic principles for choosing Grow Tent to grow Grow Tent? Let's take a look at it.

1, first of all to know what you want to buy growth Grow Tent, use it to do. If it is more long-distance travel, it is best to choose a little lighter weight. Frequent rain suitable for access to the ground outside the account

2, the size of the growth tent to be sure, the internal at least to be loaded into the items you carry.

3, the growth of the stability of the tent, stress resistance, waterproof and windproof performance should be good, so as to avoid accidents in bad weather.

4, pay attention to the details of the growth of the tent, see the structure and the junction of the thread, suture, etc., work too rough to use it will be loopholes,

5, the general waterproof growth tent inside and the ground will have a waterproof coating, if not, then the water resistance will be very easy to wet water.

6, the growth of the color of the tent is also very particular about the summer, the best choice of fresh, dark winter will be more warm and warm feeling.

Selection of suitable growth Grow Tent to avoid the actual use of the process of accidents, to comply with the following principles of purchase of quality products is necessary.

With the growing tide market competition increasingly fierce, we also need to strengthen this area of product development and construction, in my opinion, if you want to do this work, but also need to upgrade their technical level. Growing Grow Tent with their own simple and practical, by everyone's welcome. We Hefei growth tent factory in the purchase should pay attention to the following four points, to share it to everyone.

A: growth tent floor waterproof index: at least more than 1000MM, the higher the better;

Second, the fabric: the quality from high to low: Riga, Oxford cloth, nylon, general leisure, then use more nylon, is also better, Rigger, Oxford is generally used for professional outdoor sports, suitable for snow And other extreme environment, to determine the standard: the greater the better the density; high degree of water resistance, you can blow the fabric with the mouth to test its permeability, in general, poor ventilation, water resistance will be very good.

Three: pole: the more thick the better, the material: DAC (South Korea imported aluminum alloy pole, extreme environmental professional growth Grow Tent use)> aluminum alloy (general professional growth Grow Tent and high-end leisure growth tent use)> glass fiber rod (leisure Series used);

Four: the development of Grow Tent on the design and is divided into different structural forms, the specific can be divided into single-room structure and hall-style structure, different structure parameters are different, such as canopy area.

Buy a good quality of the growth of the tent products is basically to consider this knowledge, I hope you can buy when the election to their own desirable products.

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