Mobile Phone Signal Shielding Bag Role

- May 26, 2017 -

Signal Blocking Bag Mobile phone signal shielding bag is mainly used to shield the phone signal (including 2G, 3G mobile phone), wireless wifi signal, Bluetooth signal and other common RF signals.

  Signal Blocking Bag Mobile phone signal shielding bag as Beijing Ruiyuan Wende Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development products, has been extended to various markets for sale, including the United States and other overseas markets

  Equipment Features / Cell Phone Signal Shield Bag

  Using imported nano-level shielding material, shielding effect is excellent, to achieve mobile device RF signal access and output block;

  Visual soft touch transparent observation operation window, can be directly observed, the operation of mobile phone internal;

  Equipped with evidence of information registration card, the important information for rapid recording;

  Double-layer processing technology, wear-resistant outer protection, to extend the service life.

  Applications / Cell phone Signal Shield Bag

  Need to move office departments;

  Public security criminal investigation, procuratorate and other judicial evidence, on-site law enforcement departments;

  Signal Blocking Bag Anti-drug, technical action and other secret investigation;

  Laboratory, involving mobile phone inspection and so on;

  Reception of visitors;

  Secret venues, important meeting venues, such as bidding review meeting;

  Foreign staff, corporate executives;

  Data security department;

  Other to prevent the use of information leakage

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