Qualified Index Of Fabric Grow Pot

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Qualified index of Fabric Grow Pot

There are certain criteria for everything, and jiangsu Fabric Grow Pot is no exception. Let's take a look at the conformity index of Fabric Grow Pot.

1. The transmission performance of the fabric growing pot

The Fabric Grow Pot is the daylighting building, so the transmittance is a super basic index to evaluate the transmission performance of fabric growth. The transmittance is the percentage of the amount of light in the growing pot and the amount of outdoor light. Fabric grow pot pervious to light transmittance growth by fabric cover material pervious to light performance and fabric grow pot frame shadow rate, the influence of solar radiation Angle and with different season is different, the fabric grow pot light transmittance change over time. The transmittance of the growth of the fabric is the direct factor of crop growth and selection of crop varieties. In general, the growth pot of the plastic fabric is 50% ~ 60%, and the light of glass Fabric Grow Pot is 60% ~ 70%, and the growth pot of the sunlight fabric can reach more than 70%.

2. Thermal insulation performance of fabric growing pot

Heating consumption is the main obstacle to the winter operation of fabric growing pot. It is a super direct way to improve the performance of Fabric Grow Pot and reduce energy consumption. The insulation ratio of fabric growing pot is a basic index to measure the heat insulation performance of fabric growing pot. Fabric Grow Pot insulation ratio refers to the ratio of the covering area of the Fabric Grow Pot and the total area of the surface area of the Fabric Grow Pot with a small thermal resistance. The larger the insulation ratio, the better the insulation performance of the Fabric Grow Pot.

3. Durability of the Fabric Grow Pot

Fabric Grow Pot construction must consider its durability. The durability of the fabric growing pot is affected by factors such as the aging properties of the Fabric Grow Pot material, the carrying capacity of the main structure of the Fabric Grow Pot, etc. Pervious to light the durability of the material in addition to its own strength, but also in material light transmittance attenuation constantly with the extension of time, and the attenuation degree of light transmittance is a main factor influencing service life of pervious to light material. General steel structure Fabric Grow Pot service life over 15 years. The design of wind and snow load is used for 25 years. Bamboo and wood structure simple Fabric Grow Pot service life of 5 ~ 10 years, design wind, snow load for 15 years once the super load. Conclusion: the surface corrosion of the components is one of the important factors affecting the service life of the Fabric Grow Pot due to the high temperature and high humidity of the fabric growing pot. Growth pan steel fabrics, stress the main structure generally USES thin wall steel, its corrosion resistance is poorer, growth the pot must be used in fabrics with hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion surface treatment, coating thickness up to 150 ~ 200 microns, and ensures the service life of 15 years. For wood structure or reinforced steel welded truss Fabric Grow Pot, it is necessary to make a surface corrosion treatment every year.

Fabric Grow Pot, also known as the automatic Fabric Grow Pot. It USES the computer instead of manpower to control, realizes the automation control of each system. All the systems, including mobile skylight, shading system, insulation system, heating system, wet curtain/fan cooling system and spray irrigation system or drip irrigation systems, mobile seedbed, etc can all be done by computer automation. The control of Fabric Grow Pot generally includes signal acquisition system, central computer and control system.

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