Root Control Bag Advantage

- Mar 15, 2017 -

The Root Control Bag performance and advantages introduce

 1. Root is not easy to surround the growth: the special reinforced polypropylene material wall can make part of the

 root penetration, limiting root length, so that the root development is good, no packing phenomenon, and field 

planting  no difference Fully absorb the gas. 

2. soil ball is not easy to loose: because the bag to save a lot of fibrous roots, so with the traditional soil ball

The way is small, and in the transplant soil ball is not easy to loose, especially in the sandy soil trees more 

significant. 3. Transplantation is quick and easy to be affected by the season: trees planted with planting bags,

 roots do not grow down, and only a few through the side of the reinforced polypropylene side of the side of the 

root need to be rooted to transplant, just a simple tool cut off A small number of lateral roots can be transplanted

 trees. Because more than 80% of the roots are stored in the bag planted and will not be hurt, basically all year

 round can be transplanted. 4. Can reduce the cost: cultivation costs - compared with the container cultivation, 

the cost is much lower, without the use of expensive potted soil and irrigation equipment. Can be removed from

 the Tu ball after the cost of packaging the soil ball, the tree bag can be used to pack the soil ball container, no 

need to another package to reduce costs, need to be noted that when planted in the project, first remove the tree 

bag. Handling costs - due to the integrity of the roots and the accumulation of nutrients in the bag, the soil ball can

 be reduced by about 25% compared with the traditional fake tree trees, which can greatly reduce the handling and

 transportation costs. Transplant costs - no skilled workers are transplanted, ordinary workers can be transplanted.

 Maintenance costs - high survival after transplantation, can save future maintenance costs. The above list shows

 that the tree-planting bags are cheaper and more cost-effective than traditional field planting or containers (plastic

 pots or wooden cases). And to avoid mining ceramic soil, to protect the environment and soil and water, small size,

 light weight, corrosion-resistant mildew, is conducive to operations, storage and sales of transport. 5. Transplant 

survival and quality improvement According to the United States Michigan State University recent research shows

 that the traditional field planting trees transplant, up to 98% of the roots were removed, and the bag more than 80%

 of the roots can be moved with the United States

And the accumulation of carbohydrates (nutrients) in the roots after the transplanting of new root development and

 rapid growth, and therefore before the transplant without substantial pruning of foliage, tree quality can be 

improved, the crown can be transplanted 6. Convenient and fast according to nursery stock Growth conditions, 

at any time to adjust the spacing, easy to plastic pruning; direct transplant plant without transplanting basin,

 environmentally friendly and convenient, saving seedlings from the packaging time and labor costs.

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