Summer Functional Bag Are To Be Protected By Three Meteorological Environments

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Summer Functional Bag are to be protected by three meteorological environments
When the peak of the northern region in the hot and rainy season, often high temperature, heavy rain and hot thunderstorms and other meteorological environment, then planting the functional bag of farmers friends need to do the next preventive measures:
    (A) heavy rain
    After the storm suffered heavy rains, the seeds were washed to the ditch at the end or exposed to the soil table, resulting in seedling. After the emergence of terrain suffered heavy rain erosion, so that the root exposed, sunny after sun exposure, wilting wilting dead. All kinds of seedlings by heavy rain mechanical damage, growth potential decreased, reduced production, the amount of listed reduction. Therefore, the functional bag to prevent rainstorms need to pay attention to the following three points: 1. Deep plowing soil, more organic fertilizer, can improve the physical properties of soil, improve soil water seepage capacity, to reduce the dampness and dampness have a certain effect; Dredge the function of the bag around the river, the reinforcement of the river pond dam, the transformation of easy waterlogging depression, the implementation of deep ditch, high furrow farming, afforestation to maintain soil and water, field ditch to gully ditch, irrigation and drainage; 3 when the rainy weather should be timely ditch drainage or Mechanical drainage, flooded plants should be promptly washed away the stems and leaves on the sludge, remove the yellow rotten leaves, supporting plants, the soil after a little dry and timely tillage top dressing.
    (2) hot thunderstorms
    Summer due to strong solar radiation, Functional Bag the ground rapid warming, causing a large number of hot and humid air violent rise, often produce a strong thunderstorms, which is called hot thunderstorms. It happens more in the afternoon, and the more hot and windy weather is easier to happen. Hot thunderstorms often bring greater harm to the cucumber, eggplant, leafy vegetables have a greater impact, especially for young chickens disease even more harm. The best way is to function in the rain bag after the water, the use of sprinkler better. Because after the water can make the cultivation layer completely saturated, water into the oxygen, the discharge of toxic gases, the root of the breathing will be improved, increased water absorption function. After pouring water can reduce the temperature is conducive to vegetable growth, is not conducive to pathogens breeding. Watering can also be washed to splash on the leaves of the sludge, is conducive to the progress of photosynthesis.
    (C) high temperature
    High temperature and heat damage on the growth and development of vegetables and the formation of adverse effects, is the formation of vegetable supply "autumn light" the basic reasons. Functional Bag to prevent high-temperature room is a summer planting more heat-resistant vegetables, such as melon, loofah, cowpea, water spinach, etc .; second is timely watering, cooling by evaporative cooling. High temperature and dry season, the best use of sprinkler irrigation, but should avoid the high temperature before and after noon watering, because the sudden cooling will cause physiological barriers to vegetables; third is to take shade cultivation. Summer Functional Bag can be covered with shade net cultivation, to prevent the sun radiation burns vegetables, is conducive to the cool summer vegetables; the fourth is the application of growth regulators control flowers, to prevent tomato and eggplant due to high temperature drop.
 The temperature control of the Functional Bag is mainly carried out by ventilation and heating. Ventilation and ventilation is the most commonly used method to reduce and control the temperature in the white shed. The use of shade material reduces the amount of light absorbed by the functional bag and prevents the temperature from falling too high. Winter, in order to reduce the heat loss, improve the temperature and soil temperature, film to try to cover the strict. Can be set in the Functional Bag around the wind barrier, functional bag with a small shed and then use the grass, non-woven fabrics, foam (10775,5.00,0.05%) and other multi-layer coverage and other measures. You can also use the heating measures to improve the temperature, such as the use of hotline to improve soil temperature, conditional areas can use the plant waste heat, geothermal water or coal stove to raise the temperature inside the shed. Functional bag built-in waterproof bag (filled with water plastic bag), the use of water than the heat of the characteristics of a large number of daytime water bag absorb solar energy, and converted into heat storage, the night gradually released, can improve shed temperature.

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