The Advantage About Nonwoven Fabric Grow Pot

- Mar 15, 2017 -

With the tree seedlings grow slowly mature, many enterprises have refined production positioning: 

First, high-end market, elongated container seedlings growth cycle, to be sold after the high price, the price is more than 2 times the same seed;

Second,fast out of the line, the container sold as soon as possible, the price for the same specifications to plant seedlings about 1.5 times. 

The reform of the production of nursery stock has promoted the rapid development of the nursery stock market, reduced the production cost, shortened the production cycle, guaranteed the seedling survival rate, convenient transplanting, loading and unloading. 

All non-woven container production of the final way is: to reduce the production costs of container seedlings, improve service life, for the nursery enterprises to provide a more simple and perfect service system.

 The advantages of container containers are easy to manage. 

For example, according to the growth of seedlings, can be reconciled between the distance between the nursery; easy to trim and so on. 

Easy to transport, save the field when the cultivation of seedlings from the time and cost of packaging. In the four seasons can be transplanted, and does not affect the quality of seedlings and growth to maintain the original tree, to improve the green landscape effect. In recent years, with the production of non-woven bags (US bags) production applications from abroad, with its permeable, breathable, durable and other advantages have been China's developed provinces have begun to use large-scale seedling , 

Become the best container of wood material! Non-woven tree planting bags (US bags) cultivation from the beginning of the seedlings can be directly poured without planting, soil, pots, into a tree after the direct transplant. Planted bags (US bags) with the best permeability of breathable, allowing water, nutrient free penetration, there will be no root rot phenomenon. 

Planting bags (US bags) can be used as a general container to save container costs. 

And can be folded, packaged transport, saving transportation costs. 

Roots are not easy to surround, the main root in the bag range of growth, fine roots can penetrate the US side of the bag to absorb water, nutrients. 

Any soil can be used, especially sandy soil effect is more significant. 

Transplantation without transplanting before the root, with a simple tool can be transplanted without skilled workers to deal with, reduce labor costs.

 Transplant pruning leaves, keep most of the foliage, so that the tree is perfect, a substantial increase in plant quality.

 Can be transplanted throughout the year, from the season, the impact of climate, transplant time significantly extended. 

For those who are not easy to transplant or transplant obstacles (such as camphor trees, bamboo, ginkgo, cherry, maple high survival rate), saving future management costs. 

Soil ball is not easy to loose and no dressing, compared with the traditional cultivation of trees to reduce the soil ball about 25%, reduce handling costs. 

Low cost, high efficiency, good permeability, fertilizer, moisturizing, warm, full year transplant root system integrity, high survival rate.

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