The Grow Pot Designs The Six Conditions That Need Attention

- Jul 07, 2017 -

The Grow Pot designs the six conditions that need attention

1. The location of the growing pot

Grow Pot location is very important, location should be selected in the flat land as far as possible, don't too high underground water level, avoid the light blocking mountains and buildings, to planting and breeding industry users, there is pollution nor JianPeng. Other areas with strong monsoons should consider the anti-wind power of the growing pot. The anti-wind ability of the general Grow Pot is above level 8.

2. Growth pan orientation

For the growing pot of sunlight, the orientation of the growing pot has a great influence on the heat storage capacity of the growing pot, and most of the regions in China now choose the positive south direction. According to experience the Grow Pot in the northern region towards the west some for good. The Angle of the west is 5 ~ 10 degrees, and the south is only toward the south direction. This makes it easier for the growing pot to store more calories. If you build a growing pot, the spacing between the growing POTS should not be less than the width of a growing pot.

3. Growth pan orientation

To the growth of the plant pot advised to choose a north-south, namely Grow Pot awning head respectively in the north and south on both sides, the stigma can make crops Grow Pot assigned to uniform illumination, sun Grow Pot considering the block wall, mainly toward the south.

4. Masonry installation of the growing pot

The masonry of the sunlight Grow Pot should be suitable for the local conditions. The wall materials of the growing pot can be used as long as the materials with good thermal insulation and heat storage capacity can be used. The emphasis here is that the wall must have a heat storage function to store heat. At night, the heat is released to keep the temperature in the shed in balance. Brick wall, cement plaster wall, earth wall have heat storage capacity. The wall of the Grow Pot usually adopts the masonry structure.

5. Grow Pot foundation design is determined according to the geological structure and local climate conditions, cold region, soil degeneration, relatively deep some basis, to transcend the frozen layer advisable, not the growth of annual production pot than all the year round for production slightly darker in the growth of the pot, the basis of rubble stone or river stone filling to add 20 to 30 centimeters of above ground beam, foundation beam above masonry wall, wall should have insulation sandwich, insulation sandwich filling benzene board, perlite insulation materials. The wall of wall more than 70 yanchang is to maintain the expansion joint, the rear wall of the Grow Pot should be according to the use nature of the Grow Pot, leave a certain ventilator window, for the winter ventilated use. In the Grow Pot wall masonry, the pre-embedded part of the arch, for the installation of the arch. The wall height of the growing pot is determined according to the span of the growing pot, and the height of the wall height of the eight meters is 2.5 meters. 7.5 m cross Grow Pot wall height 2.3 meters is appropriate.

6. The basis of generally Grow Pot holes need to get ready for party a, there are growing pot construction company send technicians to assist pay-off fixed-point, to note here is pouring concrete need to be placed embedded parts, so need to prepare early embedded parts equipment.

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