The Selection And Installation Of Heating System For Grow Tent

- Jul 07, 2017 -

The selection and installation of heating system for Grow Tent

The Grow Tent heating is all over the use of hot water heating method, the radiator chooses the column type or the steel round wing hot galvanizing radiator. Due to the anti-corrosion function of the steel circular airfoil hot galvanizing radiator, the heat bulk is large and the device is simple.

The placement of the radiator

Radiator resettlement to think can use to Grow Tent temperature uniformity, with exquisite prevent keep out the sun, even does not impede the use of Grow Tents, together to meet these requests, radiator often placed in growth between column and the growth of the tent near the tent.

2. The radiator device

The radiator device on the bracket, the distance should be greater than 25mm, to reduce the interaction between the radiators, also facilitate construction. The heating bracket is no more than 3m, which is fixed in the vicinity of the Grow Tent and the center pillar. In order to prevent the gas resistance stents from being used in the device, the backwater slope should be paid attention to, namely, the inlet port is low, the distal end is high, and the slope is controlled at 3 ‰; Fixed to the radiator: using the flange bolt connection, the attachment is a bit of butter on the flange, so as to temporarily fix the asbestos gasket, prevent the dislocation from causing the leak.

A device for backwater piping

The main pipe of heating can be used directly buried or warm groove type. The branch pipe leads from the main pipe to the parallel method, the water supply branch is installed above, the backwater pipeline is installed below, the form is provided for the next way, for once, to reduce the heating power consumption. Valve and live connector for backwater pipe to adjust temperature and maintenance of heating equipment, remote valve exhaust valve.

The development tent is the earliest form of modern development tent. It has high transmittance and overall beauty, but it costs a lot. Suitable for poor lighting conditions or better economic conditions. Glass is pervious to light material rigidity, so generally Grow Tents are pointed roof form, according to different structure, the Grow Tent generally divided into three types: Grow Tent door frame structure, the structure of the truss roof grow Grow Tents tents and los type structure. The most characteristic feature of wenluo type Grow Tent is small section, simple installation, long service life, easy maintenance, etc.

In other structural materials, the wenluo type Grow Tent steel column and the side wall purline of cao yong hot galvanized mild steel structure; The roof beam adopts the horizontal truss structure; The roof beam adopts zhuangyong aluminum alloy profile "herringbone" connection; The Grow Tent trench USES a relatively small hot-dip galvanized steel or aluminum alloy gutter; The roof and side wall adopt the light material as 4mm thick float glass; Based on the independent foundation of reinforced concrete, the surrounding wall is connected with brick wall or reinforced concrete. Grow Tents for farmers

Grow Tent mechanical characteristics: type venlo Grow Tents made the typical without purlin roof system, glass direct effect on the load tent longitudinal gutter, growing to post or directly by the gutter will force roof beam node, therefore, cullis roof system came under uniformly distributed force and load in maintenance, and roof beam under external force is mainly applied to some nodes in coming from the gutter, concentration and other hanging in truss equipment load, etc.

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