The Use Of Insulation Brick To Build Grow Tent Five Benefits

- Oct 19, 2017 -

The use of insulation brick to build Grow Tent five benefits
Insulation brick is a kind of new building materials used in the synthesis of polymer materials. If we adopt this material in the construction of Grow Tent, it has the following five advantages:
(A) to protect land resources
Reduce the use of clay bricks, protect land resources, in line with the ban on the use of clay brick policy, help to save resources.
(B) to extend the service life
The use of energy-saving insulation brick combined with concrete pouring process, stable quality, high wall strength, water resistance and corrosion resistance, thus extending the Grow Tent long service life.
(C) increase the acreage
The use of energy-saving insulation brick can reduce the building area, thereby increasing the use of Grow Tent area. Its thickness of 24 cm, plus inside and outside the wall wipe the thickness of cement mortar will not exceed 26 cm. And the existing shed wall thickness of not less than 58 cm. To 50 meters greenhouses, can increase the land use area of more than 20 square meters.
(D) efficient energy
Insulation brick thermal conductivity of 0.032W / MK, insulation effect is good, reducing the cost of winter fuel. With energy-saving insulation brick construction of the building, per square meter only need to consume less than 9 kg of standard coal. And in accordance with the energy-saving standards of the construction of ordinary buildings, a heating season per square meter consumption of 24 kilograms of standard coal.
(5) reduce construction costs
Grow Tent, built with insulation tiles, is easier to build than ordinary greenhouses and will increase construction costs by more than 30%. Construction costs are not higher than the cost of existing ordinary Grow Tent.
Today we come to introduce the Grow Tent insect net four use points:
(A) Grow Tent cover before the soil disinfection and chemical weeding, which is an important part of insect cover cultivation. The purpose is to kill the virus and pests remaining in the Grow Tent soil, blocking the transmission of pests. Insect net around the soil to be used to compaction, to prevent pests into the spawning. At any time to check the pest control network damage, timely blocking loopholes and gaps;
(B) choose the appropriate specifications. According to Grow Tent Crops, local major pest species, season, etc., select the width, aperture, and color of the insect net. According to the specific situation of Linghai City, it is recommended to use 25-40 mesh, width of 1.0-1.2 m, covering the outlet;
The diurnal trend of temperature within Grow Tent is similar to that of open field. During the day, when the light is sufficient, such as film sealed, shed temperature quickly increased, rainy days warming is poor. Night, the lowest temperature within the shed generally higher than the shed 1-3 ℃. Shed floor temperature than the temperature stability, and the temperature showed the middle of the high, both sides of the low, so the middle of the greenhouse plants tend to grow better than both sides. From the upper and lower part of the shed analysis, during the daytime sunlight, the upper temperature is higher than the lower part, the temperature difference; night or rainy days is the opposite.
Grow Tent is generally covered with three floors, and some are covered by ground. Three layers of cover that is a layer of film, a layer of two films, a layer of small film. Three-layer coverage can generally make the shed than the open air night minimum temperature of about 4.5 ℃. Night shed covered grass curtain, good insulation, but the operation is more labor.
Grow Tent must take appropriate control measures. In order to make vegetables free from low temperature hazards, during the day must be fully lit, to raise the temperature inside the shed, the night should be strict cold insulation. In the shed temperature is low, the shed must increase the cover. When the cold tide comes, the temperature dropped to below 0 ℃, the greenhouse buckle shed, shed covered grass curtain, the lowest temperature at night than not covered by high 2-4 ℃, closed a good greenhouse can be higher than 4-6 ℃. Ground cover can increase the soil temperature, reduce shed humidity, the use of Qimian spread film, furrow shop straw method, the cost of light, the effect is good.

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