Vegetable Functional Bag Construction Method Of Indoor Heating

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Vegetable Functional Bag construction method of indoor heating
One of the purposes of vegetable bag construction is to keep heat, but sometimes because of some external factors, which lead to lower internal temperature, affecting the growth and development of vegetables, so we will use other ways to improve the indoor heating.
1. When the vegetable Functional Bag outside the large-scale cooling, you can temporarily use firewood or coal combustion, through the stove, flue and direct cooling to improve the indoor temperature.
2. If conditions permit, you can use the wineries, paper mills, smelters and other exclusion of hot air, steam as a function of the heat bag.
3. Increase the organic fertilizer with heat, before planting vegetables, 10-15cm underground buried in the 5-10cm thick semi-decomposed hot organic fertilizer, such as donkey manure, sheep manure and so on.
Improve the indoor temperature of the Functional Bag of vegetables, can effectively promote the growth and development of vegetables.
In the construction of the Functional Bag at the beginning of the axis measurement and leveling, we will briefly talk about the measurement of these two measurements.
The axis measurement is based on the point for the coordinates of the building to calculate the axis of the control line, so that after the establishment of the word line axis control network, the use of T2 type theodolite using the line method to draw the axis, and in the adjacent permanent buildings Above the establishment of the axis control point, the axis of the implementation of dual control.
Level measurement is based on the site of the site survey to give the standard point, the use of S3 automatic Anping or precision level, the use of repeated measurement method, the level of the lead to the construction site to establish the standard elevation control network, the standard height with the scale with the lead.
Functional Bag project after the end of some of the basic acceptance work is essential, the following we talk about these basic acceptance work.
Acceptance of the basic requirements of Functional Bag project first to ensure that the function of the bag at low temperatures to normal operation to ensure normal work, light transmission rate to reach more than 65%, and all the steel structure must be hot-dip galvanized surface for corrosion Processing; followed by the diameter of less than 8mm standard parts and small parts, you can use the plating treatment, the coating thickness to 8-15μm; then the Functional Bag maintenance structure to meet the watertight requirements, the other row of rain should reach 120mm / h; It is worth noting that the service life of some parts of the problem, the main structure of the Functional Bag life of more than 10 years, covering the life of the film to be greater than 3 years, covered with grease and float glass life were not less than 10 Year and 15 years
The diurnal variation of the temperature in the culture bag is similar to that of the open field. During the day, when the sunshine is sufficient, if the film is tightly closed, the Functional Bag temperature rises rapidly, and the rainy day gets worse. At night, the minimum temperature in the Functional Bag is generally 1-3 ° C above the Functional Bag. Functional Bags in the ground temperature than the temperature stability, and the temperature showed the middle of the high, both sides of the low, so the middle of the Functional Bag plants tend to grow better than both sides. From the upper and lower part of the Functional Bag analysis, during the daytime sunlight, the upper temperature is higher than the lower part, the temperature difference; night or rainy days is the opposite.
Culture Functional Bags are generally covered by three layers, and some also cover the ground. Three layers of cover that is a layer of film, a layer of two films, a layer of small film. Three-layer coverage can generally make the shed than the open air night minimum temperature of about 4.5 ℃. Night shed covered grass curtain, good insulation, but the operation is more labor.
Aquaculture Functional Bag must take the appropriate control measures. In order to make vegetables free from low temperature hazards, during the day must be fully lit, to raise the temperature inside the shed, the night should be strict cold insulation. In the shed temperature is low, the shed must increase the cover. When the cold tide comes, the temperature dropped below 0 ℃, the function of the bag buckle shed, shed covered grass curtain, the lowest temperature at night than not covered by high 2-4 ℃, closed well Functional Bag can be higher than 4-6 ℃ The Ground cover can increase the soil temperature, reduce shed humidity, the use of Qimian spread film, furrow shop straw method, the cost of light, the effect is good.

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