Ways To Improve Poly Plastic Grow Bag Economic Efficiency

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Ways to improve Poly Plastic Grow Bag economic efficiency
    Poly Plastic Grow Bag Two ways to improve your economy are to reduce costs and increase production. Here to come for everyone to introduce.
    1, disinfection because Poly Plastic Grow Bag vegetables because of the number of continuous cropping, the general disease is more serious. With chemical agents for disinfection, can kill the soil through the spread of disease pathogens, reduce morbidity. Can be injected in the frozen soil per square three to five grams of carbendazim or three hundred grams of brominated methanol sterilization.
    2, insulation with double insurance insulation measures, that is, in the Poly Plastic Grow Bag plus plastic film or set a small shed, you can receive good results. According to the experiment confirmed that in the Poly Plastic Grow Bag filled with plastic film, can increase the temperature; Poly Plastic Grow Bag in the small shed, can keep the temperature of the small shed at fifteen degrees Celsius.
    3, irrigation using water-saving irrigation project, shed the relative humidity of the air can be reduced by more than 10 percent, mixed disease index decreased, the cucumber can increase production by 10 percent, spring tomato production by more than 17 percent.
    4, set the reflective screen in the north side of the shed at the low light set a reflective screen, can significantly enhance the greenhouse on the north side of the light, and can increase the temperature of three degrees Celsius.
    5, the application of plant growth regulator eggplant vegetables in low temperature conditions, although the flowering, but can not be fertile and strong, the correct choice and application of exogenous plant hormones, such as 2,4-D butyl ester, anti-falling and so on. Can effectively prevent eggplant, beans, vegetables, fruit drop, to promote fruit enlargement, accelerate the maturity, increase production.
    6, grafted in the shed even for cucumber, if the black seed pumpkin or South Anvil 1 grafting, to prevent the occurrence of a variety of diseases, the rate of increase in more than 30 percent.
    7, to prevent ammonia Determination According to the determination of ammonia in the air concentration of more than 5ppm, which will lead to vegetable stem and leaf necrosis. Therefore, cultivated vegetables in the shed, should control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, timely watering, fertilizer and deep soil cover, pay attention to window ventilation, to prevent ammonia hazards.
 Poly Plastic Grow Bag build focus on technical aspects, most people think, Poly Plastic Grow Bag is built to keep warm, just put up on it. In fact, if Poly Plastic Grow Bag to build unreasonable will affect the integrity of the Poly Plastic Grow Bag, if the line, the line must be close to the ground when the hole is better to play some, in fact, build Poly Plastic Grow Bag technology content is not low, or need some reasonable steps Caixing.
    Construction of the fall Poly Plastic Grow Bag in August. Usually in the autumn of harvest harvest began to land preparation, before the Spring Festival can be received in the Poly Plastic Grow Bag within the first batch of vegetables. Since Poly Plastic Grow Bag is a relatively fixed and long-lasting cultivation facility that requires energy and money, it must be planned before construction, especially in the area of Poly Plastic Grow Bag, According to the natural environment, the direction and layout of Poly Plastic Grow Bag, the roads, ditches, pools, housing and other facilities in the base are scientifically and rationally arranged so as to ensure the convenience of future production management and the effective use of land. Lay the foundation for efficiency.
    In general, should choose convenient transportation, flat terrain, open, convenient drainage, a reservoir, river or groundwater rich, high-lying, shelter sunny, 0.5 meters below the groundwater level, the soil deep and fertile place. The best choice of rice fields, of course, under the wet fields to be excluded.
    In addition, Poly Plastic Grow Bag is also important. Generally north to south or slightly southwest as well. That is, north and south for the Poly Plastic Grow Bag long, something for the shed width. Things between the two shed spacing of 0.8-2 meters, the middle of a width of 800 cm above the small ditch. North and south between the two shed about 3-5 meters, for digging ditch, the water supply pipeline, the construction of roads and so on. Shed on the basis of the normal production, so that the higher the utilization rate of land.

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