We Say That The Development Of Poly Plastic Growth Bags

- May 26, 2017 -

 Poly Plastic Grow Bag We say that the development of plastic bags to see the chemical composition of the home page. Polyoxymethylene pom is obtained by solution polymerization, bulk polymerization, radiation polymerization and meteorological polymerization, and then esterification or encryption. Our plastic bag manufacturers of finished products is plastic bags products, we also need chemical raw materials. Our products are produced using high quality principles.

  Poly Plastic Grow Bag Pom is milky white opaque crystalline linear polymer, its comprehensive performance, anti-fatigue in the most prominent thermoplastic, excellent mechanical properties at room temperature, wear resistance, small coefficient of friction, good dimensional stability, high surface gloss, resistance Creep, resistance to twisting, anti-repeated impact resistance to load recovery, but the molding search rate. Excellent electrical properties, excellent arc resistance, but poor thermal stability and flame retardancy. Excellent chemical stability. Resistant to 80 degrees Celsius hot water, alkali, oil, pesticides, but the acid resistance and poor weather resistance. Pom can be processed by general thermoplastics molding methods such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotary molding, welding, bonding, finishing, printing, electroplating, machining and so on. Our plastic bags products by customers welcome and favor.

  Poly Plastic Grow Bag Pom is the ideal alternative to copper, zinc and other non-ferrous metal processing engineering plastics, in the automotive, pesticide machinery, construction, electrical appliances, transportation, precision machinery industry and other industries have a wide range of roles, the role of bearings, gears, , Pipe fittings, railings, and rails, etc., can also be used as container toys. Bear high load parts such as gears, sliders, bearings, impeller pumps, housing. Plastic bag packaging shell is also very important. In the plastic bag manufacturers in the automotive industry, such as automotive engine fuel system accessories, electrical equipment, car body components. In the electrical and electronic industry, such as electronic computer control accessories, video recorders, change relays, televisions, telephones and so on. In the coal mining machinery and equipment, such as high-strength, wear-resistant sealed valves and valves, seals and so on. Pom in the field of control instruments, building materials also has a wide range of applications.

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