What Are The Forms Of Grow Tent?

- Aug 08, 2017 -

What are the forms of Grow Tent?
Grow Tent Vegetables are planted in the form of: the first is spring summer vegetables, eggplant vegetables early maturing cultivation is the most common application of Grow Tent cultivation. Open field cultivation is generally in late March to mid-April colonization, early May to July harvest. Grow Tent can be planted in advance from January to March and harvested from late March to July. Early listing, higher yield, flowering results extended, significant economic benefits. In addition, according to the needs of the market, early sowing amaranth, edible fungus, water spinach and other warm green leafy vegetables, early listing.
    Delayed cultivation
    Summer vegetables autumn and winter post-cultivation general harvest period in 10-12 months, if through storage and preservation, can be extended to the Spring Festival, high economic efficiency.
    Leafy vegetables
    Growth tents in addition to melon and other high-stem vegetables, but also cultivate high economic value of leafy vegetables, such as edible fungus, spinach, celery, lettuce, etc., before the spring, autumn, and winter cultivation, to avoid Frost damage, promote growth, increase production and extend supply and anti-season listing purposes, good economic returns.
    Hot and warm leaves with vegetables, such as edible fungus, water spinach and other growth tents can be planted in 9-10 months of planting, late implementation of insulation coverage, ahead of listing, coupled with conventional cultivation, basically to the annual supply. Lettuce and so on but cool but less resistant to frosty vegetables, open field the best sowing in late August to early September and spring April to April, if in November to March the next year sowing, Grow Tent in cultivation.
    Nursery cultivation
    The southern region in late June to early August, strong light and high temperature and thunderstorms and typhoons, seriously affecting the production of vegetables and early autumn seedlings, in recent years shade nets, non-woven applications, to promote the growth of tents in the summer nursery and cultivation play effect.
Growing Tent Vegetables are vegetables grown in Grow Tent, and we can make this kind of vegetables available in the season that is not suitable for planting, so you can seize more vegetable markets and earn more money. With the changes in the season, the types of vegetables are also changing, things vaguely expensive, in order to eat vegetables in different seasons how to do it? You can rest assured that we have grown tents and vegetables, there is a Grow Tent vegetable cultivation techniques, no matter when and where you can eat the vegetables you want to eat, here we come to introduce the so-called growth tents vegetable cultivation technology. This is the location of the election is very important, this is the growth of tent vegetable cultivation prerequisites, such as: a. To choose a good place in the air quality, b. The best election in the river, so easy to water, c. Choose to grow tents in plains. Second, the election of long tents Plastic: The growth of the tent on the impact of vegetable cultivation is also very large, learned of the chemical know that the plastic is made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride, the more these ingredients on the growth of the impact of the larger tent vegetables , So that the human body also has a great impact, so we have to choose high-quality growth tents plastic, choose to meet the national standard growth tents plastic, the other growth tents plastic light is also very important, light directly affect the growth of tent vegetables Of the growth. Third, the election fertilizer: fertilizer is the growth of the basic growth of tents and vegetables, as: people want to eat the same, if you eat well, then your body is not those who eat good health, grow tents and vegetables are the same, if not Fertilizer, growth tents and vegetables will not grow. Fourth, fertilization: in different circumstances, in different periods of time the application of different fertilizers, which is conducive to the growth of the growth of tent vegetables. Fifth, the growth of tents Vegetable application of carbon dioxide technology: learned the biological know that plants will absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which will greatly enhance the growth of plants, grow tents and vegetables is no exception, often to grow tents into the carbon dioxide, but to Note that the amount of injection, the amount of too little to affect photosynthesis, the amount of too much growth tents can not carry out the role of breathing. Six, the growth of tents Vegetable cultivation techniques have other details: For example: to control the growth of tents in the plastic temperature, to control the growth of the density of tents and vegetables, planting different tents and vegetables corresponding to the environment should be changed, so we should be based on your Grow the growth of tent vegetables for the corresponding adjustment.

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