What Are The Winter Ways To Heat Poly Plastic Grow Bag?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

What are the winter ways to heat Poly Plastic Grow Bag?
At present, the temperature is getting lower and lower, Poly Plastic Grow Bag within the temperature, has been unable to meet the needs of crops, the use of traditional heating insulation methods, such as: light fill light warming, multi-layer film insulation, hot air furnace heating, Although some have achieved some results, but some need to increase the equipment, increase costs, and some still exist security risks, or with low-carbon environmental philosophy and so on. Is there a better way?
The following is to introduce a new Poly Plastic Grow Bag heating insulation method, is the use of gold baby Poly Plastic Grow Bag temperature fermentation agent, not only environmentally friendly, but also save money. The use of functional microbial fermentation decomposition, the straw into the crop required for organic and inorganic nutrition, temperature heat, carbon dioxide, and produce the relevant biological disease prevention and disease effects, and ultimately get high yield, high quality, pollution-free agricultural products A new type of bio-engineering technology products. It is the traditional crop cultivation technology is essentially different, is the straw harmless, resource-based, in situ use, recycling the latest technology, energy saving, provincial labor, greatly reduce costs, while increasing production and Quality, increase production and increase income, improve economic efficiency.
 The above method can not only improve the temperature (about 3 ℃), the ground temperature (4 ~ 8 ℃), but also can cultivate soil fertility, can save more than half of the amount of fertilizer, in one fell swoop. In addition, you can use a more convenient way: that is, in the Poly Plastic Grow Bag built heap. The first straw (preferably cut to 3 cm) piled together, (pile length and width to grasp the convenience of human rotation is appropriate), material moisture control in about 65%, then Poly Plastic Grow Bag warming agent With rice bran wheat bran diluted evenly after the material into the heap mix evenly. If you want to quickly start heating, you can add some animal stalks in the stool. If you want to make the shed a higher temperature, you can build a few fermentation reactor, and increase the number of flip.
During the winter, many vegetables are unable to grow normally because of the cold, but in the glass Poly Plastic Grow Bag vegetables can grow strong. Then the glass Poly Plastic Grow Bag how to maintain the vegetables, how to use the new high-fat film to heat up, but also more economical? Farmers have a trick.
In the soil preparation, for the plot or for the bed, the soil filled with cow dung, pig manure, fresh garbage, manure and chopped or shredded straw, straw, and then add the right amount of new high-fat film, and finally re-fill the garden soil, Raw materials began to ferment function microbial strains can be used for nutrition to work. These raw materials by the new high-fat film Poly Plastic Grow Bag temperature microbial fermentation decomposition, can slowly release the heat, and gradually increase the soil and air temperature, and can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide to ensure the normal growth of vegetables.
Of course, if you want to heat up in the Poly Plastic Grow Bag, it also has a faster way, only the above materials with the new high-fat film mixed evenly, and made 2 to 3 cubic meters of the pile, the water transferred to about 60% (Judging approach: hand clutching a material, fingers do not drop the water can be), three or five days heap temperature can rise to 75 ℃, the material pile will become a "soil heating room", can According to the need to fold several times in order to adjust the reactor inside and outside the temperature. The benefits of this fermentation can be more: the temperature rose, the fertilizer has, less disease, shed crops to speed up the increase in soil strength, and serve multiple purposes.
Vegetables are planted in the Poly Plastic Grow Bag soil animal stool, plant stalks, not only can be insulated, and economical and practical, on the one hand to clean up animal feces, on the other hand waste utilization, and they release the heat, but also improve the soil and The temperature of the air, to ensure the normal growth of vegetables, why not it?

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