What Is The Advantages Of Grow Bags In The Process Of Tree Transplanting?

- Jul 19, 2018 -

What is the advantages of grow bags in the process of tree transplanting?

The trees are cut and transplanted, the wounds are many, the sprouted leaves are tender, the tree body is weak, and it is easy to suffer from diseases and insect pests. If you do not pay attention to prevention, it may cause rapid death after insect damage or trees, so it is necessary to strengthen prevention. The use of tree grow bags can better complete the tree transplant process,grow bags with the following advantages:

1. No need to break the root before transplanting, transplant with simple tools without technical workers, reduce labor costs;

2. When transplanting, it is not necessary to pruning and cutting leaves, retaining most of the branches and leaves, use grow bag, that the tree shape is perfect and the plant quality is greatly improved.

3 .It can be transplanted all year round if use grow bags, regardless of the season and climate, and the transplant time is greatly extended.

4 .It is particularly advantageous for tree species that are difficult to transplant or have obstacles during transplantation (such as eucalyptus, bamboo, ginkgo, cherry, maple, etc.).

5 .Use grow bags,the root system is intact during transplantation, the growth after transplantation is not affected, and the survival rate is high, saving daily management costs.

6 .With grow bags ,the soil ball is not easy to loose and does not need to be trimmed, which is about 25% less than the traditional soil ball planting, reducing the handling cost

So use high quality grow bags is your best choice!


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