What Will Happen To The Grow Tent? How Should I Fix It?

- Jun 30, 2017 -

What will happen to the Grow Tent? How should I fix it?
1, ask: Grow Tent pole blowing bend, so what way straight up ah?
A: Put the corner of the bent bar, and then from the other end to the inside of the filling yarn, filled with the pier after the real, and then plug the mouth, in the bend (V or U) gently with a wooden hammer (stick) Hit, and not to the tube to the sand, repeat the above pace, until the straight, forced to light. The strength of the pole after the straightening of the pole has been reduced, the root can be set to a little thick tube set here, add strength. Operation, such as rubber band attached to trouble, you can remove it and then the above operation.
   Often should be in the growth of the tent pole most force at the root of aluminum or iron pipe to add strength.
   If the use of glass fiber reinforced with a hot blower or go to the study of the field salon for a bar, 5 dollars.
2, Q: Why should the sand?
A: The intention of adding sand is to prevent the aluminum tube from deflating, producing the survival of the bend, to the force of the aluminum tube inside the plug of the bicycle is also the method of adding strength.
3, the growth of the tent package problem
Perhaps some people on the bill is a small package, in fact, it involves the device manufacturers and the interaction between the user.
If you often see some of the wild outside the activities of the video, you carefully focus on their Grow Tents are in the backpack, not as we usually plug in the backpack, if you are using foreign systems, you will find them and The biggest difference between domestic accounts is that the camp column and the paper cloth is separated packaging, folding a good cloth, the size of the bag in line with the size of the backpack, so that the cloth can be placed in the backpack, and the camp is inserted on both sides of the backpack The
   This is a foreign portraits, consider the concept of the use of those who have been outside the frame of the aluminum frame backpack, business account package is not a big problem, but now the flow of the inner frame of the straight backpack, the base is difficult to bear the domestic description of the packaging method, It is not impossible to change, as long as you abandon the original manufacturers to describe the box to the consumer, naturally can back very comfortable.
Usually the practice is to lose the original account jacket, switch to sleeping bag or sleeping bag waterproof cover to install the inside and outside the bill, so the account will not be presented in the backpack, so long distance or walk in the intermediate mountain No length of the length of the bag backpack confused, think of those who will grow tents straight hanging in the backpack, the appearance of such as bound meat dumplings, horizontally placed in the backpack, afraid to hit the trunk or fall wood.
 Outdoor Grow Tent is in the open air or public places through the form of advertising at the same time to many consumers to demand, to achieve the purpose of selling goods. Outdoor advertising can be divided into two categories of flat and three-dimensional: flat road signs advertising, posters Advertising, wall advertising, posters, banners, etc. Three-dimensional advertising is divided into neon lights, outdoor Grow Tents, advertising columns and advertising tower light box advertising, etc. In outdoor advertising, road signs, posters is the most important two forms, great influence. Making exquisite outdoor advertising with a symbol of a region.
   Outdoor advertising on the region and the choice of strong consumers, especially outdoor Grow Tents, which is the development of a relatively good form of advertising for advertisers to bring great benefits. For more information, please visit the ad network.

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