Fabric Raised Grow Bed

Fabric Raised Grow Bed

Fabric Raised Grow Bed Made by High Quality Fabric,Make Plant Roots More Healthier~

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WHY USe Fabric Raised bed?

  • Promoting healthier roots
    Fabric raised beds will provide better aeration and air pruning than wood will.  That means healthier roots.  Even though some oxygen can get through wooden slats, the amount would be much more with fabric sides.

  • Convenience
    How many times have you made a wooden raised bed and wished you could move it? Fabric raised beds are lighter and easily moveable.  Also, you don’t need hammering and wood-cutting skills to set them up!

  • Safety
    No hard corners, no nails, and accessible for ADA needs.


    • Your purchase will come with the fabric bed AND the PVC fittings. All you will need to get are the proper lengths of 1” PVC pipe to connect everything.There is also another option,you can buy PVC Pipe from us,just let us know your request size.

    • You’ll have the choice to add the PVC fittings for a trellis. You will be able to cut lengths of 1” PVC pipe to make your trellis as tall as you want.

    • The PVC piping and fittings help the bed to stay rigid and structured. We use fittings for 1″ PVC which is thick and strong compared to something smaller like 1/2″.and if you need a bigger size,we also have 1.25''PVC Pipe and PVC fitting.

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Sunshine Growing has been engaged in offering fabric raised grow bed wholesale service for over 10 years, and now is known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please rest assured to get the quality garden grow products made in China from our factory.
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