Pesticide Four Custody Tips In Poly Plastic Grow Bag

- Oct 10, 2017 -

(A) humidity
Poly Plastic Grow Bag in the air humidity is too large will cause changes in the quality of pesticides, reduce efficacy. Powders and Wettable Pesticides absorb moisture from the air, easily agglomerate or agglomerate the powder, reducing the flowability of the powder or the suspension rate of the wettable powder. Organic phosphorus powder moisture absorption can also make the decomposition of active ingredients, in case of high temperature and humidity this decomposition rate will be accelerated. The air is wet and can cause the label to be damaged or peeled off.
(B) classification
Fertilizer varieties are more, some in the storage process will release the acidic or alkaline substances, affecting the quality of pesticides. So, Poly Plastic Grow Bag with pesticides and fertilizers should not be stored in the same warehouse.
(C) temperature
High temperature and low temperature have an impact on the quality of pesticides. Emulsified pesticides contain a lot of toluene, xylene and other organic solvents, high temperature easy to play, but also easy to burn. The higher the temperature, the faster the dichlorvos volatilize, the volatilization at 35 ° C is 1.4 times larger than at 20 ° C. Trichlorfon crystals began to melt at 30 ° C, the phenomenon of flow soup. When the temperature of Poly Plastic Grow Bag is as low as below 0 ° C, liquid pesticides tend to crystallize or precipitate, and even freeze the glass bottles. Therefore, high temperature or low temperature on the quality of pesticides have an impact, especially the most obvious high temperature.
(D) light
Light exposure is also an important factor in the deterioration of the Poly Plastic Grow Bag pesticide, so most liquid pesticide bottles are brown in order to reduce the impact of light.
Poly Plastic Grow Bag can push some of the soil on the south side of the wall onto the wall and press the wall with a bulldozer, then cut the inner wall straight. Because the wall with more soil, so the indoor Qimian than the outdoor floor to 30 to 40 cm lower. Semi-underground Qimian Although the south has a little shade, but the indoor Qimian lower than the outdoor, indoor soil temperature will not reduce too fast, can play a better role in insulation.
Poly Plastic Grow Bag When the vegetable plant leaves the ground, the wall becomes the main heating surface. Requirements to increase the thickness of the wall is mainly to increase its heat storage capacity, of course, does not rule out the role of its cold insulation. Among them, whether the thermal insulation has become the success of Poly Plastic Grow Bag winter production success. Practice to prove that in order to withstand the severe weather in winter, Poly Plastic Grow Bag soil wall width should reach two meters, the width should reach 1.5 meters, was a trapezoidal. If the brick wall, the thickness should be not less than 1.2 meters, that is, within 50 cm for the heat absorption layer, hollow 80 cm, filled with bundles of wheat straw, as the insulation layer, 18 cm as a cold layer. Winter wall should also rely on 30 cm thick corn stalks to enhance Poly Plastic Grow Bag insulation performance.
CH Multi-functional Poly Plastic Grow Bag has a high technological content, it and the current market, ordinary steel structure Poly Plastic Grow Bag arch compared to: 1, the use of rectangular steel pipe to improve the support and compression of the arch Strength, especially for the larger snow in the northeast and northwest regions. 2, easy to shape, is conducive to standardized production. Suitable for large-scale facilities agricultural park and sightseeing agriculture park use. 3, the surface of the use of advanced spray and hot galvanized anti-corrosion process, arch not only has excellent anti-corrosion properties, the appearance is also very beautiful and clean. 4, the surface of the use of high-reflective spray paint, coupled with the rectangular side of the reflective side of the plastic side of the Poly Plastic Grow Bag within the light than the average greenhouse about 10-15%. 5, rectangular spray tube due to the role of reflective, reducing the heat absorption rate, summer sunny weather, the arch surface temperature than ordinary steel sheds surface temperature by one third. Effectively protect the greenhouse film, to extend the service life of the film. After many years of practical inspection, rectangular plastic Poly Plastic Grow Bag structure design is reasonable, simple and applicable. Very conducive to farmers and agriculture-related enterprises for planting, breeding production. Price and ordinary steel structure Poly Plastic Grow Bag quite, stable performance. 2006 suffered 50 years of heavy snow test. CH Series Poly Plastic Grow Bag in the northeast, northwest high latitudes obvious advantages, is the future of practical Poly Plastic Grow Bag representative products, great promotional value.

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